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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Michael Kline

i need a stamp, too many roman numerals!

It's getting old, this non-stop beautiful weather. But I should't complain! So far, November has been very nice. No doubt when I do need some serious drying weather it will begin to rain.

how do you eat an elephant?
one bite at a time...

One of the many fronts I'm battling this Fall is catching up on our firewood. I bought two truck loads of logs last summer (when I should have cut them) and we have slowly been cutting and splitting. I decided that if the weather was good I would cut or split wood while I listened to the hour- long podcast of NPR's Fresh Air. It's a good increment of swinging the axe.

Somehow Lillian swiped this little hollow rimmed at the Spruce Pine show last month. I guess it's OK that they want my pots. I get to see them in action. It looked real nice with the tomato soup that the girls brewed up for brunch. But I'll have to go through our rapidly filling cupboards pile high with Klineware for the annual Holiday studio tour in December.

It's time to head back up to the studio for some after supper pottery making. Hope all had a great day, where ye are.


Michael Kline

As some of you have no doubt noticed the posts have slowed down to just 2 a day (ha) and I haven't been answering my phone this past week. That because I'm deep in the woodshed. [This is a phrase I first heard from a budding saxophonist up in Northampton, MA years ago. He would say that he was going "to shed" which is jazzy-jive speak for getting really into it. Think of a trance state of mind, deeply focused.] That's where I'm at and I'll only come out to eat and sleep (and blog). Well, that may be an exaggeration.

[Seems like Doug is doing some shedding of a different sort.]

You can keep up with all the hype excitement here by joining my faithful readers on the sidebar to the right [oh my, almost a hundred!] I will tweet or send a mobile post through the phone randomly, when I have a brilliant(to me) thought, so check out and follow my twitter patter here. You can also sign up to follow the tweet chatter in the sidebar where it says follow me on Twitter...

Now it's off to the shed for some real hand's on fun!

talk about getting into pots! but
no time for laying around on the porch.