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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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The Best of Sawdust and Dirt

A record of the goings on around Michael Kline Pottery!

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Patterns 'n' Plates

Michael Kline

Painting plates as the Chilean miners are being rescued! The orange painted areas in the image above is a wax resist that is tinted with orange ink. Then a thin wash of black slip was brushed over the resist.

We'll load the kiln over at Courtney's on Thursday! Here are some more pictures.

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Sink Saga Continued

Michael Kline

white slip. wax resist. more white slip!!

I'm heading over to put the sinks in the soda kiln, Lucille, over Penland School way. Here are the sinks after their wax painting and slip dipping were done.

black wax resist. white slip

white slip. wax resist. more white slip 2

sorry, no picture of the
black underglaze slip brush work. layer o'tenmoku. layer of amber
it'll be a surprise for Wednesday!

I'm not sure what I'll do with myself tomorrow as I sit there watching the gas kiln. I'm sure I'll stick my head in a few studios and see what's going on!

Look for a Penland Ramble post tomorrow or Tuesday!

waxing Moon waxing Pottery

Michael Kline

After the pots ar painted with the wax resist, they are dipped in the RJB. The RJB stands for "Randy Johnston Bisque" . It's a nice crackly white slip that looks great on my clay in the salt. Well, sometimes it doesn't look great when it crackles right off of the pot, but mostly it is the perfect vehicle for a surface that has good color and texture.

Here is a closeup of the RJB beading on the wax brushwork. I then dab off the beads from the pot although that's not completely necessary as a small bead gets absorbed in the design or pops off after the firing.

There are a few more pots that need glazing before the loading happens tomorrow. Mighty Micah Cain is on board for the loading and will have some work in the firing.

Update on Video, Etc.

Michael Kline

doesn't this look like a big eye? It's my wax
resist after a couple of drops of food coloring!

After a great night of painting, I actually set up a video of myself and a big jar and shot it on my Fuji still camera. No problem, except that it was 12 minutes long and had a gigantic file size!! So I've been limping along this morning with the little Mac rainbow wheel! I'll explain...The computer I'm using is from 2002, the year of our first-born, Evelyn. Evelyn is 7. eMac is 7. In computer years eMac is dead, or should be. But I must say that it is chugging along. But I don't have time to chug along with it this morning. So off I go to the studio while it compresses the video file for youtube. Meanwhile I thought I would share a few pictures from yesterday.

the orange is ink that will burn out. this is my copy of the peony design.
i'm not that thrilled about it, but i did enjoy setting up the leaves. (see also, below)

little jar about 3" high

The peony leaf design (r) ended up being a
cool "new" direction that I used a lot.

Check back to see the video!!

Another Bisque Note

Michael Kline

I wanted to put this in the blog so that I would remember...instead of unloading this pot and thinking, "what the hell is that little black blob on the glaze!??"

This cup has been painted and glazed. After that, I brushed some wax resist over the glaze and then cut through with a sharp little bitty trimming tool (that Becky Lloyd had given me a while back). Then I brushed some black slip over the cut through design of forlorn birdy. I'm curious if the slip will "float" in the glaze surface or fade into the under glaze.

[FIRING NOTE: The kiln may need a new coil or two as it's struggling to get to temperature. I have put some fiber on the lid to help it along. After all, it is 12 years old! It could be a long night of "stoking"]

Penland Gallery Pot

Michael Kline

one side of a 3 gallon jar
h. 13"

Kathryn Gremley invited me to be part of a show representing the Penland Gallery at the Sparta Teapot Museum. I'll try to get the specifics of the show and pass them on to you all, soon. But for now some informal pictures of the piece I sent. If you click on the image(s) you can see more details, like the incised eagle/hawk that I copied from one of Lillian's school assignments. The incising is done while the clay is leatherhard. The vine patterns are painted on the pot after it has been bisque-fired. With the last series that I did I tried to incorporate the incised patterns instead of obscuring them with brushwork. It's a tricky proposition, but one I find interesting, of course. More to come soon. I'm getting ready for a big show at the Ferrin Gallery and I will trying all kinds of new stuff! So stay tuned!

the other side

More From the Haywood Gig

Michael Kline

I managed to take a picture from my vantage point, sorry I didn't get everyone in the picture.

Joy Tanner product placement

I wanted to post a few more pictures from the Haywood Community College workshop of the past day and a half. The students were great. They asked great questions and most of them managed to stay awake during my elliptical discussions! My only regrets are that I didn't take more pictures of their pots or their fine studio. Haywood is just about an hour and a half from the Penland area, so it's not far to drop in for a visit. It would be great to get down there to report for the blog.

So, here are a few pictures to get a sense of the workshop and and a chance to see the new whiskers I'm sporting!

wax resisting

group "brushplay"

Thanks to Steve Lloyd for the invitation to show what I do and test out some of my "theories". And thanks for taking the pics, Steve!