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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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The Best of Sawdust and Dirt

A record of the goings on around Michael Kline Pottery!

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Michael Kline

Today, I'm cutting plates.

There are a couple of ways I do it. One is with a fettling knife and another is with a modified cheese cutter. Here is a video I produced wayyy back in 2008 showing how I use the cheese cutter.



There's also this video.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Michael Kline

I shared this interview on our #virtualclay event page over on the Facebook the other day in advance of our NCECA talk next week. There are a few really engaging discussions going on there. I really think there are some great nuggets for creatives in this interview. I hope you enjoy and get something out of it.

some markers of the interview courtesy of youtube user Timor Kuliev
03:30 - “jab jab jab right hook” cover and overview
07:00 - Getting through the noise
11:10 - Photographers in social media
16:00 - Linkedin
17:30 - Working on your craft OR working on marketing yourself
19:50 - Humans of New York example to above
22:16 - Be Patient, Making a business is a years game, Marathon
23:50 - Hustle and working hard
25:00 - Inforgraphic -
27:30 - Forecasting the future, showing real emotions
32:00 - Why people fear social media, Privacy is dead,and more
34:40 - How to restore reputation
37:50 - How to fight repetition
39:50 - Believing in what you sell, and Complaining
42:15 - Success in vine and Being consistent
44:30 - What creatives waste time on, Information this days
50:00 - What is next
53:10 - Getting back in the game
55:40 - Old media this days, and do your own social media
58:40 - How to grow a Facebook page
1:00:40 - Balance with jab and right hook
1:02:10 - How to give back
1:04:00 - Focus on one platform perfectly or few imperfectly
1:06:50 - Do you ever stop when you reach certain success
1:08:20 - is social media really that important
1:12:20 - How to keep productivity high
1:14:20 - How important is blogging this days
1:18:00 - How to separate personal content from brand content
1:19:20 - Crowdfunding
1:21:00 - How to make a right hook seem like a jab
1:24:00 - Gary weakness, scale the unscalable

My Breaks with Doug and Casey

Michael Kline

With deadlines looming I don't really have any time for anything other than making pots. But everyone needs to take a break every once in a while, don't we? For some it's 10, 2, and 4. Some need to boost nicotine levels every so often, but I quit that habit quite a few years ago. For me, I check in on my peeps, my blog roll, my watch later list, and entertain myself for a few minutes.

I thought I would share a couple of those videos here. The first is from my pottery bloggery buddy across the sea, Doug Fitch. In this video, I really enjoyed watching Doug decorate a magnificent jug AND very much enjoyed hearing his voice! Most of Doug's daily video blogs are speechless but anything but silent. At 1:20 Doug claims that there is nothing worse than hearing ones voice. But for me I treasure his lovely accent! Enjoy.

The second video is by my favorite 'viral film maker' and stop action animator Casey Neistat. It's a movie about a father facing the age/distance paradigm with his 13 y.o. son, Owen. Casey shares his thoughts in this 20 minute travelogue.


Well, thanks for taking a break with me. Now let's get back to work!

Pottery is Everything? Pottery is About People?

Michael Kline

This morning I want to share a couple of great videos.

One of the exciting things about the internet is it's interconnectedness and it's ability to share ideas. I started this brief session while making a second cup of coffee after seeing the kids to the bus stop.  A comment here led to a blog, new to me!, that led to a tweet, that led to a video, then to a second video.

Even though these videos have been around since last September, it's the first time I've run across them. Maybe you've seen one or both?

a quote from the Moggridge video, "Design is everything, Design is about people"

Can we say the same about pottery?

Here's the second video (that was auto-magically suggested to me by "the Youtube")

from the video caption, "'Is your school or workplace divided into "creatives" versus practical people?' Yet surely, David Kelley suggests, creativity is not the domain of only a chosen few."

People sharing.

Enjoy and pass it along.

A Video Afternoon

Michael Kline

I've been inspired by my blogging buddy over the sea, Doug Fitch to give the ole video camera a whirl. Doug's charming movies reveal his beautiful countryside and what he is doing on any particular day. My life is not nearly as charming as Doug's, but hopefully my camera work and mise-en-scène will get better, thanks to his virtual tutelage. I'm also going to review some other British auteurs like Charlie Chaplin, Ken Russell or Nicolas Roeg for pointers!

Hopefully I'll learn something about good editing.


Michael Reads Michael

Michael Kline

I've really been inspired by watching the video made available through the University of MN and the Northern Clay Center. But as I was trying to show this video on a friends iPad, I realized that the video format (flash) wasn't viewable on it or probably iPhone or iPod touch.

So I took it upon myself to try to reformat the whole video. Unfortunately, that would be a lot of work and energy that I need to devote to my pots, today. But I decided to share this introduction by Michael Simon. I recorded this from my monitor, the quality isn't be that great. But I hope that you take some inspiration from it.

Contest Winner

Michael Kline

Evelyn and Lillian helped with the contest tonight. Here is the video of the drawing and subsequent victory dance by Evelyn on behalf of this weeks winner!!

Thanks for everyone participating in this fun contest! I will tabulate the results of the survey as well. We'll do this again next week! Thanks for reading!

unloading The eKiln

Michael Kline

Here is a video John and I made yesterday while we unloaded the eKiln. [eKiln=electric kiln] I do enough mumbling in the video so I'll reserve further comment here. But I'm happy to decode if you have questions!

Info-mercial Contest: The Winning Entry

Michael Kline

Here is the winning entry for Kline Pottery's first ever info-mercial! Joe Arnold and Katrina Plato of Bakersville, NC put this fantastic homage to the breakfast cup together! Now I hope I can keep up with all the orders that are going to flood in as soon as it gets aired on our local cable station!

Thanks Joe and Katrina. Let me know when you all need some more Breakfast cups!!

Got Pottery?

Michael Kline

I guess a lot of folks got a flip video camera for Christmas, including Evelyn! Here's a little pottery review I made before dinner last night. I can't guarentee there will be more videos here on the blog, but if I can get someone to do voice overs or if I don't have to speak I will be more motivated. It's sort of like hearing your OGM on your voicemail. Weird.

Today is a snow day and I plan on getting the girls involved in a photo shoot up in the studio!

"Film at 11"


Michael Kline

I had a question from my devout reader, "ratfacedmacdougal", about a certain technique that I use for painting. I'm not sure what they meant, so I guess I'll have to review my youTube channel to remember!

But here are a couple videos that seem to be fairly popular. Not exactly the numbers that this video has and to my knowledge there are no "painting with wax resist " remixes, yet!

;-) (open invitation)

This video was one of the early ones.
I remember strapping my cell phone to my tripod with stretch wrap!

Back to packing pottery!


Results From Courtney Martin Kiln

Michael Kline

The following videos were shot the other day by moi and I wanted to edit them together into a super spectacular home movie with nice transitions and insightful comments, maybe even some cool music.

But the week flew by with various projects and I just wanted to share the results of the firing of last week, so I've uploaded several of these so that you could see some of the pots. Please forgive my mumbling comments and raw unsophisticated footage.

There you have it, for what it's worth.

Tom Turner Videos

Michael Kline

I went over to Tom's yesterday to shoot a video to promote his June 26, 27th workshop and we did it in one take! Not only will Tom show you all of his techniques and share his excitement about his porcelain and his glazes, he's raffling off a brand new Shimpo Whisper!!! to one of the workshop participants!! WOW. [translated for our non-french speaking readers : Wow!]

So what I am saying is, DON'T take the workshop so my odds of winning the new wheel will be better!!

OK, Here's the video and a couple of other ones we found lurking on YouTube.

This following video is an excerpt from Tom's DVD, that is available here!

This 4 disc DVD set documents a two day workshop he conducted at the North Carolina Pottery Center in Seagrove, North Carolina in May of 2005. Along with the workshop was a mini-retrospective of 34 of his favorite pots from his permanent collection spanning 1970 to 2004. These pots document his best work from different studios, different periods of time, and different processes he used during those years.

Tuesday Hello

Michael Kline

I'm taking some time off after our big kiln opening weekend to catch up with all of the emails and blogs that had to be neglected during the whirlwind of preparation and selling the pots. As I look over my "honey-do" list with coffee this morning, I wanted to say hello to you all and share this video I found as I was thinking of the late Nancy Sweezy.


Michael Kline

late night buddy

Howdy. Just checking in on this Saturday morning. I hope everyone is enjoying Ellen Denker's posts. I 'm thrilled to have her posting here! Thanks Ellen!

After a beautiful-sunny-day-Friday, spent cutting wood and doing outdoor chores, I got in to the workshop after supper. I was so taken by Ron's videos that I had to look away from all of the plastic covering the pots on my shelves and head straight for the wheel. It seems that the week has been spent doing "covers" as in cover songs. First the batter bowls, aprés Scott Goldberg, which I will finish today,

and now the little covered jars aprés Philbeck! Maybe I'll called this series the "aprés" line! Has a nice allure, hinting at "style". [drats, there's that word! I'm still crafting a post on that topic for next week] I did just what Ron warned me not to, I think I threw them too thin. When I did the credit card move (ribbing the little band around the waist of the pots) I had a bit too much flex/movement. It's a cool pot and I really liked the direct nature of the technique! We'll see what I say when I try to finish them. ha. Ron's videos (part 1 and Part 2) are very well done. Check'em out! I'd better get a video camera so I can keep up with these vlogger/potters!!!

Ron's was a fun assignment, just in time for the boxes I'll be making for an upcoming show at the Crimson Laurel Gallery. I hope to use some part of this technique for the boxes.

Really, though, I wanted to show you this little series of jars, shown above, turned upside down. I usually turn my pots over as soon as I can without denting the lip to slow down and even out the drying. After I flipped these and flipped their lids, I flipped mine! These look better upside down that right side up I think! What do you say? Let me know (if you would be so kind).

For now, there is the beautiful sunshine to go out into and much plastic to chase for this weekend warrior. Stacey and the gals are visiting Grandmother's house (over the mountains and through the woods) so I'm cranking up and focusing on some clay!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. see my new poll on lower right sidebar!