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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Today's Unloading: Preview

Michael Kline

scene from the chimney, Sunday


combed jug

big jars

a bird in the hand

Here are a few pictures of today's unloading of the wood kiln. I took a few pictures as the pots came from the kiln. Here are a few of those.

Maybe more later!

37 Unloaded

Michael Kline

What a gorgeous day in the neighborhood, warm temps, warm breezes, and warm pots from the venerable old wood kiln. Well, it's not that old, only 37 firings. But as I mentioned in an earlier posts, it needs some maintenance and some TLC.

Here are some shots I took, as I do every firing, of the stack (after) and some details showing location and results. I'll take more shots tomorrow as I continue to replay what might have happened in the kiln and what I might do next time. Those will spotlight pots that I find particularly nice.

These mugs both have 6-tile kaolin slip and Michael (Simon)'s black slip. But the one on the left was fired in the back of the kiln where it was cooler and the other in the front, ∆9 was down, but ∆10 was just bending.

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35 Unloaded

Michael Kline

Here are the pots unloaded from the kiln. I'm still busy getting the site set for the sale and haven't got to look over the pots carefully. But my impression of the kiln is good. No kiln blues this time! I'll be shooting preview pictures to put on Facebook and Sawdust & Dirt, as well as a brief e-newletter special edition! Let me know what you think!

First Viewing

Michael Kline

We had a nice crowd for the first viewing of PBS's Craft in America over at Penland tonight and afterwards Alex Matisse and I unbricked the door of my kiln to get the first view of the pots in Numero 32! It looked pretty good to me so far. I was too tired to unload the kiln so I will wait till morning. Here are a few snapshots of the stack.

XXXI Results Pt 1

Michael Kline

These just in, I mean out! Still waiting for the back to cool a little more before unloading it.

I love the transparency the slip has with the wax resist.

This one is a tad bit more yellow than in life. This plate actually has a bird in the center with the blue glass "sprinkles" and plate glass at the edges that have melted towards the center forming a sort of flower petal.

I love the copper glaze when it reoxidizes! The red is from early reduction
and then the copper changes back to green/turquoise later in the firing.

I love the subtle dots in this plate. The brushwork could have been a
little more restrained, but I'm still learning. ;-)

More later today.

More From XXX

Michael Kline

tenmoku lined w/ wax resist black

breakfast cup
tenmoku w/black under glaze, incised

RJB slip with black wax resist
tenmoku on handles

The new tenmoku rocks! It's a recipe I used with Mark and Sam up in MA years ago. Mark has been using it in his salt chamber and I thought I would give it another go. It's applied very thin and likes salt.

Fresh Pots: Firing # 30

Michael Kline

Here's a link to the March 10th post about these pots.

Here are the first decent images from the kiln.
Firing #30 was a complete success!
I haven't felt better about a kiln load in 6 mos. or so (last firing, tee hee).
I'm sanding the pots and setting up the fancy schmancy
back drop for some nicer, more formal shots.
I'll try to get them uploaded tonight!

More Pots From XXIX

Michael Kline

More pictures of pots that I liked from the kiln today.

I like this platter because it has a successful "white on white" color
and the bird is decent. It's about 14 inches in diameter. There is a
strange line going across the middle of the pot that sort of distracts me, but
I like it.

I like this pot because it's a little new/old technique of dipping
the pot in slip on its side, getting an oval field to paint an image.
It sort of reminds me of a cameo. The inside of the pot was ribbed
out after I had torched the pot, thus crackling the surface of the pot.

This pot has some nice handles and the bird looks chipper.

On Deborah Woods suggestion, I'll post a few pots I didn't like tomorrow.
It's late, time for some sleep.

Unloading of XXIX

Michael Kline

a new look with the old

The kiln is unloaded and it looks pretty good. I have the usual disappointments, but I'm trying to keep my chin up. I'm sure there are some nice pots I've yet to "see".

4 gallon jar

tall jars with incising and wax resist

a Shane Mickey jar and a cylinder of mine

a view of the stack
I'm going to try and get some pots "shot" this evening and possibly post some. Let me know what you think, impressions, dislikes, etc. Thanks to Courtney, (and Joe Cole) again for her encouragement to get over my dunting paranoia. It has only been a day and a half since we finished firing. Everything is just dandy.