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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Michael Kline

I have been writing each morning for a week or so, now over at and it has been really great. And in a recent convo with Cynthia Guajardo (@ceramicscapes on twitter) we were getting nostalgic about the olden days of pottery blogging. There was a time, before Facebook ate Blogger, where some pretty awesome stuff was being recorded in pottery studios all over. And still is to an extent. But mostly I see updates linked on FB more often than at the actual blogs.

SO maybe Cynthia and others will return to the long form again. Or not. What are your thoughts??

But before you answer that question, let me offer this retro-blog post from Don Pilcher in 2010.

Don Pilcher pottery sculpture rascaware rascal ware Champaign

  So I’ve concluded this: nice clay, a well-made form, a sensuous glaze treatment and a toasty firing. What have I got? A ceramic fashion show; not much more. It’s what Ralph Bacerra described as “just a pot with a glaze on it.”

After twenty-five years of making those pots, with some success, I quit ceramics to attend to a slew of life’s other demands. In the process I got a new job, new car, new house, new dog, new wife; same kids, same town. [READ MORE]

How To Win "Friends" and Influence People

Michael Kline

I'm going to lead a seminar on social media tomorrow  (3/11/15) for the NC Clay Club in Bakersville, NC. In the short time we have, I'll be mostly talking about Facebook but I'll also talk about other social media resources that we artists can use to share our story.

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Michael Kline

Today is #FF! Follow Friday. I like to share some of my tweeps and promote active writers on Twitter. If you're a potter leave a comment here with your twitter handle and I'l add you to my pottery list on twitter and your tweets will show up in my ticker in the right side bar. (thanks)

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It's all about sharing!

#tropicalfirehose Potter's Journal

Michael Kline

From my blogging buddy who knows too much about me. Enjoy, or perhaps, "pity the fool that is I"

oh wait, nothing's dryin-version:

Got Flow?

Michael Kline

Late last night I had the realization that I always get during this time in the studio session just before a firing, If only I could keep going, the pots are flowing from my fingertips, effortlessly. Well, maybe not that easy, I still have to wedge the clay! But at some point I have to say no to that desire to make just one more pot. Each pot that's made after the wet deadline cuts into the time I'll have to work on the surfaces. I'll try to keep you up to date on the deco-rotating and glazing this weekend.

Only the Boring are Bored

Michael Kline

Stacey reminded me that it's not just boredom that can propel us in our creative work and Carter Gillies responded to that last post in a wonderful email. It got me to thinking.

While boredom may be the more passive route to discovery, curiosity leads one who has an active inquisitive mind.

Carter writes,

Being restless CAN be about boredom but it also seems to be about how open we are to new directions. Sometimes our comfort is all that matters, and doing things by routine is a reward we enjoy. Other times that's not enough. We see things that we wonder about. We are curious. And if we don't look any deeper it may turn out that we later regret only settling for what we've got rather than being open to something new.
Carter has unsurpassed rigor as a blogger. In the era of 140 characters, Carter dives deep and uses more than thumbs to make his case. Read Carter's blog.

Tampa Bound!

Michael Kline

Hopefully these shoes were made for walking, because I'm going to be doing a lot of it in Tampa this week at the annual NCECA conference! I'm heading down there tomorrow and in planning for the work, realized I needed something to carry around all of my gear so that i could do the mobile blogging thing. Wooo Hoo!

Sawdust & Dirt will be the premier pottery blog covering the event with official press credentials. I'll be joined by Simon Levin and Mark Shapiro to cover the conference and hopefully we can get words and pictures up to the web for those of you who can't be there. I'm not sure if I'll look like a typical media guy with this backpack, but I figured the red color would be easy to locate if I wander away from it. I may be a little hampered by not having a laptop, or a smartphone, and I'm sure I'll be scoffed at by ceramics students with all of their up to date gadgetry. But I have my ways of using the tools at hand.

So I'll be tweeting from @klineola and Mark, Simon, and myself will be sending up blog posts here in the coming days, so I hope that you will be able to come along.

If you know of any online NCECA stuff you would like me to post please send those to me. As I find out about content that you can access from your device I will post that also.

OK, now to fill up that backpack with batteries, chargers, camera.....Am I forgetting something?

Site Update: Linktopia

Michael Kline

I've updated the blog site to help folks navigate through the 1200 or so posts here on S/D. If you look to the right of this column you will find some new items.

Now you can get new posts by myself or from my guest bloggers delivered to your email Inbox! The Feedburner widget is at the top of the right hand column. If you want to read the full post, including images just subscribe by entering your email address. Then Feedburner will send you a confirmation email to complete the setup. I read several Wordpress blogs this way and now Blogger has made it possible for this blog.

Wading through the numerous posts here can be daunting if you're a new reader. Now you can get a jump on the content by referring to the "popular posts" section. Click on links that take you to the most frequently read articles in the past month.

Speaking of numbers, you're not alone! Now you can easily see how S/D posts have been read in the past week with the page views widget! It's a running total of times posts are read whether here, in a blog reader such as Google Reader, in a feedburner email, or on networkedblogs on Facebook.

Do you want to get even more out of Sawdust & Dirt? Now you can get the maximum dirt value, by fast-forwarding through the day to day monotony, and whining, by searching this blog with Lijit. Just go to the Lijit widget on the right and type your key words in the search box and voilá!! Out pops your list of S/D blog posts where your topic of choice appears. If that's not enough you can move your search by clicking on the content, network, and web tabs. I've only used the web tab, myself, which searches the web for your topic. Other Lijit search options include my youtube channel, my disqus comment logs, my linked-in profile, my twitter feed, and my twitpic!

I'm also working on indexing all the posts in an organized librarian kind of way. But that may be a while. In the meantime I hope these updates help those who can take advantage for now.

Well that's it for now. I know that's more than you probably really need to know.
I'd better get on to the next one and get my 12x12 done!



Michael Kline

As some of you have no doubt noticed the posts have slowed down to just 2 a day (ha) and I haven't been answering my phone this past week. That because I'm deep in the woodshed. [This is a phrase I first heard from a budding saxophonist up in Northampton, MA years ago. He would say that he was going "to shed" which is jazzy-jive speak for getting really into it. Think of a trance state of mind, deeply focused.] That's where I'm at and I'll only come out to eat and sleep (and blog). Well, that may be an exaggeration.

[Seems like Doug is doing some shedding of a different sort.]

You can keep up with all the hype excitement here by joining my faithful readers on the sidebar to the right [oh my, almost a hundred!] I will tweet or send a mobile post through the phone randomly, when I have a brilliant(to me) thought, so check out and follow my twitter patter here. You can also sign up to follow the tweet chatter in the sidebar where it says follow me on Twitter...

Now it's off to the shed for some real hand's on fun!

talk about getting into pots! but
no time for laying around on the porch.