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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Salute to my Friends

Michael Kline

Wow! Courtney Martin and Matt Kelleher helped me get to the finish line about 7:30 p.m. this evening and , of course, I couldn't have done it without them, (and my lovely wife/stoker, Stacey!)

Thank You! Thank You!Thank You!

The temperature was perfect, I think, with cone 9's down everywhere and cone 10 bending/half everywhere. After a couple of much needed cold one's, I'm ready for some sleep. I will try to send out some pics to ya'll when I get into that kiln later this week, Thursday I hope.

Oh, but before I hit the hay, I wanted to send a shout out to my man on the Roan, Will Baker, who's wrapping up this big day of wood firing here in Mitchell County. Will was at cone 5 last I talked to him and his partner Joy Tanner is there to help bring it on home. I'm sure the pots will be beeeyouuuutiful.

good night, all.


Michael Kline

The Utilitarian Clay Conference was a very intense and gratifying experience. Being a presenter was like a dream and even on the last day when we all sat on the stage talking about our favorite pots, I was still pinching myself, thinking how lucky I was to be part of this rare and fantastic event. I had great conversations late into the night with my colleagues and heros. There were also great discussions from all of those who came and gathered in the demo rooms. I wanted to thank all those folks who came up and introduced themselves to me (I hope you're reading!) and appreciate their kind words.
Sitting here today, I still can't believe it happened, but seeing the nice pictures that Tracey took is proof that it actually happened and that I was there after all. I was sad that I didn't get to see Daphne Hatcher, Bede Clarke, Linda Sikora, and Ayumi Horie make their work. We all were "working" at the same time in separate rooms. Arrowmont will be releasing podcasts of the symposia , maybe I can catch up then. I'll be sure to post links here when that happens in the near future. Until then I will be collecting my thoughts and sharing the few pictures I had time to take at the symposium this week.
[the picture above has some beauties by my Penland buddy, Jane Shellenbarger who now teaches at Marquette in Michigan]


Michael Kline


I didn't notice the Max temp, lower right on the pic above, until I went up to shut the dampers etc. Wow. I would say that it was a textbook firing. I was actually surprised that the pyrometer read so accurately the temp. Cone ten was down on top and bending on the bottom. I hope the pots come out as nice. I'll unload on Thursday. More then. For now it's time for some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's. Good Night/Morning.

Thoughts Before The Burn

Michael Kline

Before I hit the hay for my 'disco' nap I wanted to acknowledge a few things/people .

How amazing it is that all the pots got in, like a funny 3D jigsaw puzzle.

How amazing my wife Stacey is for picking up my parental slack and being a potters widow these last couple of weeks. (we're celebrating ATF with a trip to Nashville to see The Swell Season, Sept 24, woohoo)

How lucky I was to meet Mica Cain, who is the new resident potter at the Energy xChange, just down the road. He is 28 and this is the 28th firing of the kiln and it's sixth anniversary! He did an awesome job getting all the pots glazed and loaded.

How worried I was about the wood getting wet in our week of rain and how amazingly sunny and breezy it has been the last three days.

How exciting it is to think about all of the new pots that will be around in the next week.

How I hope that a couple of hours sleep will be enough.

Electric Kiln Nomad

Michael Kline

With about a week before the firing date most reasonable potters would be glazing pots and preparing the kiln. Since I'm not exactly reasonable or able, I will have to squeeze a few pots out of the wheel in the next couple of days to fill out the making list. Usually I make small cups and bowls on the last wet day, or making day, and glaze them bone dry.

In other news, yesterday, John Hartom of Empty Bowls renown, let me fire his electric kiln at his place which is just a couple of miles down the road. It's a great place with a beautiful long view over towards Green Mountain, NC. John and his partner, Lisa Blackburn, moved to the area about eight years ago from Michigan where John taught school. John retired and has set up his Empty Bowls headquarters in Yancey County just over the Toe River from here. They've got a great collection of Burlon Craig pottery that I want to photograph someday, and I'll share it with you here.

But for now, I have a couple of bisque kilns to load and a few more pots to make so I better get to it.
Have a good Sunday.

Dinner Time

Michael Kline

Just a quick post before I head back up the hill for my after dinner pottery. I wanted to send these pictures of some of the carving i have been doing on the platters. I also liked the edges of these platters, slightly different than previous. Can you see the difference in the rims? It's subtle. I particularly like the state of dryness they were in although it may not be apparent in these pictures.

***Also, thanks for everyone who signed up to comment with Disqus! So far there are 36 people signed up! You may still comment on this blog without signing up, but you'd be missing out on the 'discussion' and missing your chance to win a piece of my pottery from the next kiln load of pots. [See sidebar on top right] It's easy to use and I think it's been an interesting addition to the blog. Let me know what you all think.