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Here Now

Michael Kline


Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road, Healthy, free, the world before me, The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose. -- Walt Whitman

...the road goes on forever and the party never ends -- Robert Earl Keen

There’s nothing like travel to open my eyes to what is possible and there’s nothing quite like 10 days in California to present an alternative to home. I just returned from a workshop tour in the Bay area and have so much goodness to rememeber and reflect on.

Traveling gives me a particular point of view that I think is essential to understanding the world “out there” and as well as understanding what I call home. It is a contrast and a comparison of what is familiar with what is new. In a parallel way, teaching gives me perspective. Sharing what I know and do with my workshop students, challenges and reaffirms what I believe. Teaching expands my understanding and often I find myself the student in a funny twist. Maybe you would agree?

For now I will write in a general way because my goal, today, was to send my gratitude out to all of the folks that I met along the way. Gratitude to all the folks who took care of me, and supported me. To all the folks that laughed with me.

Although for most of the time it rained, there were many rainbows.

A Very Short Video About a Very Little Dish

Michael Kline

Catherine White Demo @Penland from Michael KLine on Vimeo.

Here's the exciting conclusion to the little molded dish Catherine White demo'd for me the other day. I shot this with an iPad in portrait mode, so apologies for the funny view. All praises to Vimeo for handling the formatting issue without a hiccup. Enjoy.

Hopefully more Catherine to come next week!

NOTE: Catherine writes so beautifully and thoughtfully on her Penland Experience, here.

postscript: for everyone who like numbers, this happens to be the 1450th post here at Sawdust and Dirt! Thanks for reading!

Penland Ramble (of Sorts)

Michael Kline

checking for balance
I didn't ramble around Penland as I usually do, instead I took a break from my own pottery action to swing up to peek in on the upper clay class being led by Daniel Johnston. I just happened to get when Kaye Waltman and Daniel were taking a big pot that Kaye had made outside to glaze. Here is a series of pictures of that process.


walking it out to the kiln pad

Getting ready to pour the glaze. The Brent wheel has had
it's belt removed so that the wheel will spin freely.
The glaze and another way to
pour and conserve the glaze.

Daniel Johnston @ Penland

Michael Kline

One of the curses of being ten minutes from Penland is its strong gravitational pull. Especially when friends and colleagues are teaching up there. I spent several afternoons up there last session when Ayumi was there teaching, and insisted that I would hit the wheel hard this week and crank some pottery for the upcoming firing (#31). But I found myself drawn into the lights of the pot shop at Penland last night like a big ole Luna moth. And big were the pots, too.

Daniel and one of his students burning
the midnight oil last night

Daniel is showing his coil and throw technique which he employs on his fantasticly big pots in Seagrove, NC. I will swing by a few more times, I'm sure, before the two week session is over. I'll try to bring my tripod next time.


Michael Kline

I'll be teaching in my old stomping grounds of New England this summer at the Snow Farm! It seems a bit early to be talking about a workshop that happens June 20-22nd, but I just wanted to mention it before it filled up. You can see the course description here and also register on the Snow Farm web site. When I lived in Massachussetts I taught here weekly and thought of Snow Farm as a mini Penland. In fact they it's not so mini after all. They offer a wide variety of media, including glassblowing. Also they have a wonderful summer program for young adults. It'll be a great summer weekend. I'll be focussing our efforts on brushwork, but will be making big pots as well! This is a hands on class! Oh, the food is GREAT, too!