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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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The Best of Sawdust and Dirt

A record of the goings on around Michael Kline Pottery!

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After Pizza Pottery

Michael Kline

combed slip

The family and I went down to the local pizza joint, Pizzart, and joined in the pizza fun with the rest of Evelyn and Lillian's classmates. Pizzart's owners Chad Mohr and Jen Rambo were donating a percentage of last night's sales to the school, which is suffering financially in these recent times. Each Wednesday this month will be Spruce Pine Montessori night! Here's a link to donate if you would like to help out. No amount is too small! Maybe we'll see you next Wednesday night?

a take out pizza at Pizzart

Well, after some pizza, I made my way up the hill through the crunchy refrozen mush of our yard and worked on more stencil deco and dipped some pots and then wedged about 100 lbs. of clay for tomorrow. Here are some pictures of tonight's fun.

inspired by some patterns posted at
Ben's pottery blog the other day. thanks Ben!

ready for my next twelve plates

I received a bunch of pictures of today's pottery challenge and will try to get them up in the a.m. after I help out with the morning snack at the school. There's still time to send in pictures of your bountiful productive day. Just email a jpeg to michael[at]klinepottery[dot]com.

Thanks for reading!

view of the Black mountains through a visually
interesting frame of bare branches

Family Tradition?

Michael Kline

evelyn at the treadle!

Today was a snow day and the girls were home with yours truly. Stacey had a pile of work to mow down up at Penland and we thought it best that I stay home and try to supervise the chaos!

Evelyn had quite a day! The girl was in the flow. She made up a cake recipe this morning with a lavender chocolate frosting. Hmmm, I know what your thinking, because that was my first thought, too...but it was pretty tasty. By some kind of trial and error she's getting better at her epicurean lab work! It will do her good when she starts glazing her pots! In my mind I saw us all heading up to the shop at some point and I could tend to my pots while they played quietly in the corner! Ha! Well come 3 o'clock we finally made it up there!

We got Evelyn set up on the wheel John Britt gave us and she fit it without any adjustment. Then we came up after supper for more and she ended up with a decent board of pots. In the past I would help her center and sometimes show her where her fingers should be, but today she was on her own. I was across the room handling pots myself.

some of E's pots

some of my pots

Here are Monday's mugs with handles. I thought I would dip and comb the pots before the handles to get a better combing on the handle-less cups. But then the handling got to be a challenge. I may try dipping just the handle part of the mugs. In my experience that seems to work OK.

Still not sure about the stencils. It was exciting to cut the paper and apply them and was fun to see the contrast of the clay and the slip, not to mention the sharpness of the stencil design. Some of the patterns reminded me of some patterns on a dress that Stacey has. The dress has white lace or crochet??? flowers on a black fabric.

The stencil-play intrigue me as anything new and different to one's experience can be. I thought about all the folks who do a stencil treatment with their pots and also thought how I could incorporate some brushwork. Placement of some of the stencils seemed awkward. I didn't handle one mug because I couldn't decide which design would have to be covered up, all in the cyclical experience of making pots. These things can get worked out. I also thought that I could use plastic for the stencils and reuse them. I guess we'll just have to wait until after the firing to make any judgements.

Well I'm back tomorrow for a full day. I'm hoping I can get my 12 pots made. There is a one hour delay to school in the morning but I'll be at the Shimpo! See you there.

Nothing New Under the Sun or Running With Scissors

Michael Kline

Not much to say (again) but that one thing leads to another when one is in the flow of things. Maybe I should follow up these pics at some point with some thoughts. I do have them, you know?!

the afternoon started with this series of 2 lb.'er's
first one was the far left

after supper session was mostly in deco mode
starting with some combing.

more stencil/snowflake

So, what do you think?

Fellow potters: Your assignment will be given in the morning. It's late and time for some z z z-ing.