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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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The Best of Sawdust and Dirt

A record of the goings on around Michael Kline Pottery!

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Michael Kline

While adjunct potter, John Simmons is stoking up the kiln, I'm taking some downtime and downloaded a bunch of pictures from the last couple of days deco-rotation highlights. But I wanted to quickly share with you new strategy I'm employing in this firing, soda ash rocks!

I'm not sure what to call these things, but Emily Murphy uses them to salt (soda) her kiln. But basically they're a mixture of soda ash, baking soda, and whiting (calcium carb) which is mixed with lots of sawdust (but no dirt). Here's a link that explains the whole deal. Check it out.

Ironically I've been having trouble getting good sodium penetration in the upper part of the kiln. Hopefully these will take the place of salt cups that I've used in the past.
Here is a contextural shot showing the balls in place.

I'll try to get around to posting more deco highlights on the cooling days as well as some before and after! Follow the firing on my twitter feed, where I will make updates throughout the day.


Michael Kline

greenware vases in Mark's shop

I wanted to share with you some pictures of our visit to our friends Courtney Smith and Mark Tomczak. I met Mark at Penland during my residency just as he was setting up his Muddy Creek Pottery . Mark had just earned his MFA at the University of Ohio at Athens. Mark and Courtney have moved again since then to their present home in Old Fort near Black Mountain, NC. Here's some pictures I snapped of Mark's pottery.

Mark has a beautiful little showroom full of pots!

some of Mark's pots are hump molded and they're all fired in a soda kiln!

notice the bowls on the top left shelf? looks a lot like the Rock Creek bowls
I tried myself the other night. seems like the subconcious is always at work!

our mutual friend Billy O'Steen outside of Mark's shop
getting a good look at the fall colors on the mountains in the evening light.
There is an apartment above the shop and showroom that Mark
and Courtney rent out to vacationers. The apartment is of course full of beautiful pots!