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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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The Best of Sawdust and Dirt

A record of the goings on around Michael Kline Pottery!

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Looking and Seeing

Michael Kline

i thought these rocks looked like a mosaic

On my frigid stroll up to my wood pile this morning, with my head down in the cold wind, I began to notice the dusting of snow and how it revealed the grass and gravel below it in a beautiful translucency. So I ran walked back to the house to gab the camera. As sharing might be a stretch with these pictures, the reality of my cozy chair next to the heater and blogging, might be more the motivation for this post.
Well, I better get out there before inspiration gets in the way of more important things, like firewood!

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Snow Days

Michael Kline

Too bad my 8 hp Ariens snow blower sits in my shed in a pile of peeling orange paint and rust. In the twelve years since I moved to North Carolina from olde New England I could've really used it this time. But as I've done in the recent past, I will wait and let the sun do it's work.

snow curling from the back of the shop

too bad the generator wasn't working, either!

It has been a treat to do some major sledding with the girls and hopefully our slope is so packed we will have some more tomorrow!

I'm still getting orders from the Etsy Sale and am very pleased with the support! Thanks to everyone!


Michael Kline

Today I shipped the last of the etsy sale pots. Have no fear, there are still some pots left on the shelf to buy if you want.

I also tried to get ready for the big snow storm we're expected to have tomorrow. Unfortunately my snow blower sits out by the shed rusting and not running. Oh well. Guess we'll just sled around if, in fact we get the white stuff. I can't tell you how bad the weather service here is at getting accumulation right. They call for 10 inches and we might get 2. At any rate, the wood is stacked and ready to warm the Snow Creek bobsled team when they come in from the cold.

If you purchase pots at my Etsy shop I'll do my best to get it in the mail by tomorrow evening. Not to worry, I've had 10 years experience driving in the snow and ice of Massachusetts!

The sale will continue through December, tell a friend, K?

In other exciting news, my guild, the Potters of the Roan will convene with our rival potters guild, the Penland Potters, tomorrow night for our annual Christmas party and karaoke face off. I'll try to get some video so you can see how our potters can belt out those tunes. Any requests?

Night Sky

Michael Kline

As I walked up to the shop after supper, with camera in hand and snow on my face, I thought I would try to capture the moment. These moments are full of potential, but most of the time I rush through them. Tonight, I stopped and took these pictures of the night sky. It could be a while before we have snow again. The peepers and frogs in our pond were pretty quiet tonight. Hmm, could they be sticking their tongues out catching snowflakes? Probably not...