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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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The Best of Sawdust and Dirt

A record of the goings on around Michael Kline Pottery!

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This Just In: 12am EST

Michael Kline

I love the pink tones in the white slip

This is for the night owls and those over the pond. (or you may be looking at this blog from the future, in which case, could you tell me if the rest of the kiln looks this good?)

here is our moon peeking over Bailey's Peak

Tomorrow, Tuesday, this week's contest, and new pots!

Night-Night, y'all!

35 Peeks

Michael Kline

I'm a little late with this sneak peek, but here are some images from the kiln!

i like the black vine on the round jar
and the restrained amber on that jug!

mmmm, dots!!

i love the contrast of color and texture in this picture
through the bag wall

a Kyle Cupenter Carp!
I'd better hide this one when he
comes over to claim his pots!

A big day ahead! Unloading the kiln will be on top of the list. Also that list will include,
  • paint signs
  • clean up around the kiln
  • clean show room
  • post preview pics on this page
Until then...

First Peek:34, Sort-of

Michael Kline

If you are a Facebook fan, or if you follow me on Twitter, you may have already seen this. I thought I would give you guys the first peek. But for all the rest who are just now seeing these, enjoy the thrill of the surprise! The above shot was taken by sticking my camera (and arm) through the stoke port from the POV of the firebox. I like the contrast of the pots and the lava flow on the bag wall bricks! The pictures below were taken through the spy holes

top of a chicken waterer

spout of a pitcher
yum, a tenmoku over hakame cup at the bottom front.
that's cone 10 and 11 standing.
perfect heat!

more tenmoku with under glaze black brushwork

A Look Inside

Michael Kline

Here are the first images from the kiln! Doesn't look bad! Here's a white on white slipped pot.

This is one of the yunomi that I made for the AKAR cup show coming up in the spring. It has the Hillux copper glaze. Looks like a ywinge of red. A little red is nice!
The jar with glass on the handles. It's hard to see the glass runs from this angle. Tomorrow I'll have a better look. That blue (rutile?) is from a heavy application of the alka-kline glaze.
From the front door of the kiln. That's cone ten beginning to melt and cone eleven standing almost vertical. I wanted to fire a little cooler this time, so we went for cone nine flat and a very slight bend to cone ten. Usually I fire to ten bending to ten at a half.

Spy View

Michael Kline

Here are a couple of views that I saw of the pots tonight. Thought I'd pass'em your way. Sorry they're not that revealing. From what I can see with a flash light, though, it looks pretty good. My fingers are still pretty tightly crossed. I pulled the dampers out and opened a clod of mud and brick from the top of the door. The pyrometer was just about 600ºF. Maybe I will et a better look tomorrow.

I'm heading over for a visit with Tom tomorrow. It's been a while and it will be good to visit and catch up. He's had a lot of students at his workshop this month and he has a few new pot acquisitions to see and behold.