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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Labor Day-End-of-Summer- Pottery-Blowout

Michael Kline

Announcing the End-of-the-Summer Online Pottery Blowout SALE at the Kline Pottery Etsy Store this Friday morning at 10:30 a.m. EST! Kick off the Labor Day weekend by clearing the shelves here at the pottery! Great end of the summer prices and sweet pots for your home! Here is a sneak peek at some of the pots that will be in that sale.

Bookmark my Etsy storefront page. Sales of the pots happen very quickly and I wouldn't want you to miss out.

ETSY Online Kiln Opening Today

Michael Kline

At 10 a.m. EST I'll cut the virtual ribbon and let everyone in to the online kiln opening! My first ever. I've chosen forty of the best pots from the firing and you can only get them at my Etsy store. There will be a whole range of shapes, colors, and prices.

I hope you will bring a friend (or at least tell them about it) and I hope to see you there!

Some Pots From the E-Kiln

Michael Kline

Turner porcelain with 1%Copper glaze

Turner porcelain with Amber and hillux glazes, black underglaze.

The pile of pots I brought to DC for the sale.

Some Breakfast cups with the 1% coppper glaze

I was happy to see some of the black and white underglazes working on these cups. I hope to get back and throw more porcelain for my upcoming show at the Ferrin Gallery which opns in May! I'd better get busy!

DC Home Sale

Michael Kline

Jewelry and Pottery Sale

at the home of Paige and John Kevill

Please drop in and join us for light
hors d'oeuvres and to see the recent work
Stacey Lane, studio jeweler
Michael Kline Pottery

Saturday, April 18th 2 to 6pm

5146 Palisade Lane NW
Washington, DC

Directions: Palisade Lane is just above MacArthur Boulevard, off Loughboro Road at the intersection of Loughboro and Dalecarlia Parkway, right by Sibley Hospital

Stacey and I will be hosted by our friends Paige and John Kevill for a little-bitty, super-fun pottery-jewelry show or sale in our Nation's Capital this Saturday!! [Sorry I didn't manage to announce it before now. I've been busy engineering, after all.]

Here is the pdf that you can download for your hard drive or your car drive over to the show.

What, you can't come? You live too far away? Nonsense. With air travel so quick and cheap!??

Well, OK, if you can make it we would love to see you, meet you, and share some good times with you.

Yunomi Show at AKAR

Michael Kline

'cousin' Bruce Gohlson
sold out at AKAR

I have just spent 45 minutes looking at the pots at AKAR. The show looks great and seems to be selling briskly. Shoko, Jenny, and Bruce, among others have already sold out. I hope you wil go see for yourself. If anything it is a visual feast! KIm Ellington has some beautiful cups, too!

Wing Road Weekend, more

Michael Kline

We got over to Terry Gess and Carmen Grier's place today for their home sale. I had the pleasure of meeting Becky and Steve Lloyd. Here is a nice set of pots by them. Steve does the throwing and Becky does the cutting. The pots are soooo delicate, this picture doesn't compare to picking one of thes pots up and turning it around. Beautifully integrated forms and surfaces. We had a nice talk and Steve told me that he went to school at Beloit College with my good buddy Sam Taylor. Wow, a small world! I look forward to getting down to Clyde to visit these folks. See their web site here.