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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Lot's of Looking!

Michael Kline

show announcement from the old days
when I went by the alias of O.K.R.A.

Just wanted to thank everyone who's visited this month! Over 10, 000 page views so far! WOW! I guess the firing and the Ferrin Show were interesting to folks out there. It was a busy month and it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. I am gearing up for a visit to Seagrove and my "cousins in clay" next weekend and then we are having our annual Spring Studio Tour the following weekend. Then it's time to fire the kiln again for the July show in Asheville NC.


Hope you all will come along for the fun!


Michael Kline

This image never became a postcard and I certainly hope I never used this image for a jury. There is a little problem with the structural integrity of this one, do you see it yet?

This piece was in one of my last firings of " The Castle" back in 1998. From the time in my career soon to be known as my "art pottery period". As a postmodernist, these genres are cyclical and can be dredged up at my convenience, no?

Technically speaking, this pot is thrown and has an added coil and thrown foot ring that you can't really see in this picture. The foot is probably about 3 inches tall giving forth to the rise of this fruit bowl. The form is sort of based on a cake plate, but the carving made it nice for fruit, and perhaps a huge mound of garlic heads [yummy]. The flow through feature is carved through with an x X-acto brand razor blade. The rim is done in a sort of pie crust wave, but the rim is split and individually smoothed to distinguish the individual edges. The glaze is my old standby, the color of money, Willie Hillux, also known in some circles as the hi-luxury glaze. It was my money glaze and I anchored my early business on it. It was a real bitch, though, and would drag me in it's wake at times, usually at inconvenient times of reduction.

There you have it. Another vintage pot from yesteryear. Now back to some real work. Let me know what you think of these retro posts. The conference room has been quiet.

Old Postcards

Michael Kline

a group shot of pots with all kinds of treatment,
also some salt glazed baseballs

I want to do some glaze tests and I've been looking at old images to get some ideas about color. I found a stack of old postcards and picture from years past. I'll share some with you. I made this work just before moving to be a resident artist at the Penland School.

This jar was part of a show at the Penland Gallery the spring
before I moved here. I like the stamped medallions
at the top of each braid. Where are the vines???
h. 18"