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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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The Best of Sawdust and Dirt

A record of the goings on around Michael Kline Pottery!

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Postal Mailing

Michael Kline

I'm getting ready to mail my card out for the kiln opening! (see countdown clock to the right!) I'm a little late but you don't have to be if you're not signed up yet! Please sign up on my mailing list, there's still time. I'll be licking stickering stamps tomorrow night!

I'm getting some "pedestals" cut for the kiln opening yard! Here's one of the pedestals with a jar on display. We'll have a preview of the pots on Friday, the 7th. There will be light refreshments on Friday and maybe a birthday cake! Then on Saturday morning, the 8th, we'll have the sale!

I better get busy and make the pots I still need. Here's my list:
  • teapots
  • small mugs
  • platters
  • 5 gallon jars
  • 8 gallon jars
  • wine cups
  • pill boxes
  • pitchers
Have a good Saturday folks!

Looking Into The Coming Week

Michael Kline

It was a great day
working outside on the new shop with Buck.
We punched out a few details, windows in tool shed,
steps into studio, siding.
Thanks for all of you who have stepped up to vote
on the cups I will send tomorrow to AKAR.
If you haven't yet, see previous post and send in your vote!

I have reclaimed clay that was sitting outside and
frozen and will be throwing more pots this week.

I also have some porcelain courtesy of Tom Turner to play with.
When the power is finally turned on at the shop, I will celebrate with a cone 6 porcelain glaze firing in the old L & L electric kiln. (something I've been thinking about doing for a while)
I'll keep you posted, of course!

Last Post of November

Michael Kline

A drawing by Evelyn

I guess the holiday is over and the month is over. Where does the time go? Here's where the new shop stands,
  • Main room painted
  • Showroom not painted, not even sanded
  • most electrical devices installed
  • electric not on
  • mud everywhere, no surprise
Here's what I hope to get done this week,
  • Finish drywall in showroom
  • paint primer in showroom
  • paint finish coat showroom
  • install wood stove and chimney with Shane
  • put gravel on muddy entrance
  • trim doors
  • trim windows
  • clean floor of dust
  • set up tables for pots
  • set up track lights
  • set up pots/jewelry
  • tidy up
Thanks for allowing me to bore you with these details. I can't wait to get the wheels in place get some clay splattered around on the walls and make some pots. Oh, how I long to take some pictures of some freshly thrown pots and tell you how sweet it is to be making pots in the new shop. I appreciate your patience and thanks for reading.

Coffee Break vol. #15

Michael Kline

The electricians are here putting their finishing touches on the studio and I'm digging a ditch. It's a little overcast and not that cold, thank goodness. But it's mid morning and I'm in need of a break, and just a little bit of joe to keep me shredding on the ditch. I picked this little bit of a cup, or as Hannah would say, this wee cup. This wee cup was made by Bandana Pottery (aka Michael and Naomi) for their wedding back a few years. It's a great cup for wine and a great little cup of joe, as well. Why do we call coffee joe? The incising is so casual and expressive. Michael and Naomi's pots have that wonderful combination of skill and playfulness, just the right touch.
The Toe River Arts Council Holiday Studio Tour is coming right up and it's my deadline to get the studio presentable. I've given up on the idea of having it all done, but at least I will have a cozy place to show Stacey's jewelry and my pots. Here's the list as of today, in no particular order,
  • Finish the painting.
  • Trim out the windows and doors.
  • Paint trim.
  • Install wood stove and chimney with Shane.
  • Truckload of gravel for the muddy entrance.
  • Install track lights.
  • Get rid of VOC odor.
  • Bang up some siding in entrance alcove.
  • Temporary handrail.
  • Paint invites to opening.
  • Hire DJ.
  • Hang disco ball.
  • Have fun in the new studio!
Well, that wasn't enough coffee! I better get back to work, that list made me nervous. Have a great day ya'll.

Back to the Punch

Michael Kline

A panoramic shot of the pottery compound


This week I am back to punching out some minor details in the new shop.

The walls have yet to be finished and I've been agonizing myself over wall treatments. I wanted to use pine boards for the walls but just can't afford it. I'm buttoning up the shop , replacing some broken panes in the old doors that Matt Anders gave me. It's starting to get pretty cool at night. Tonight/tomorrow morning is supposed to be in the twenties, so this door I installed yesterday will come in handy. I've been stapling up plastic to keep the cold wind out and that was getting real old. Here's a picture of the new door which you can add to your Sawdust and Dirt scrap book!

My goal is to have the shop trimmed out and ready for the Toe River Arts Council (TRAC) December Studio Tour first weekend of December. Stacey will be showing off and selling her newest jewelry creations and I'll be selling big jars that you can put your 'kraut in (as well as this years seconds: cheap). But that means I need to bust it out for the next little bit so I can hit the ground running in the new year, er, I mean era!