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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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The Best of Sawdust and Dirt

A record of the goings on around Michael Kline Pottery!

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In The Beginning: Some Pottery Bloggery Firsts

Michael Kline

Feeling nostalgic after yesterday's blogiversary, I put this list together during my lunch break. It contains the blog posts from some of the early pottery blogs that I followed back in the early days and some that jumped on the blog-wagon in the years to follow. I couldn't find some blogs as they seem to have been discontinued and/or have been taken over by robots selling septic tanks and viagra. I'm sure I left some out, but if you can think of someone I forgot or am leaving out please leave that in a comment. I want to use this list in my NCECA talk. Thanks!

So here you go on your trip down memory lane!

Click on the potter's name to go to that post. The list is in order of the date of the first post.

Scott Cooper: Rare Earth March 6, 2001
Emily Murphy/Pottery Blog July 19, 2004
Ron Philbeck/Potter's Journal September 8, 2005
Judi Tavill October 1, 2005
Mary Anne Davis January 5, 2006
Anne Webb January 21, 2006
Jennifer Mecca April 6, 2006
Cynthia Guajardo April 28, 2006
Shannon Garson/Strange Fragments May 12, 2006
Diana Fayt/one black bird May 31, 2006
Gary Rith August 20, 2006
Whitney Smith/An Artist's Life October 3, 2006
Mel Robson/Feffakookan December 6, 2006
Rae Dunn December 21, 2006
Euan Craig January 24, 2007
Jeanette Manchester Harris January 27, 2007
Michael Kline February 6, 2007
Brandon Phillips February 16, 2007
Carole Epp April 15, 2007
Vicki Gill April 18, 2007
Christa Assad May 21, 2007
Scott Cooper: TW@SE June 10, 2007
Shane Mickey July 29, 2007
Kari Radasch August 6, 2007
Tony Clennell August 10, 2007
Elaine Spallone August 28, 2007
Joe Bennion Oct 15, 2007**
Ang Walford November 3, 2007
Lori Watts/Fine Mess December 8, 2007
Hannah McAndrew January 10, 2008
Margaret Brampton January 19, 2008
Kyle Houser/Homefry Sketchbook January 27, 2008
Doug Fitch January 29, 2008*
Paul Jessop February 7, 2008
Kristen Kieffer March 11, 2008
Keith Kreeger April 20, 2008
Tracey Broome May 5, 2008
Dan Finnegan May 28, 2008
Meredith Haywood/Whynot Pottery May 29, 2008
John Britt/Clay Club June 4, 2008
Bulldog Pottery June 6, 2008
Priscilla Mouritzen July 7, 2008
Hollis Engley August 15, 2008
Zygote Blum September 7, 2008
Michael Mahan September 18, 2008
Steven Colby October 18, 2008
Jim Gottuso/Sophia's Dad's Pots February 2, 2009

*(Doug's first blog appeared much earlier than this, but the archive of that web site doesn't exist, so this is the date of his second blog)

**(this is Joe's second blog, his first was eaten by an evil cyber nerd)

Room With a View

Michael Kline

Come on in, this is where you'll find me for the next 3 weeks. I might take some breaks to watch the girls while they ride their bikes up and down Snow Creek Rd, but it's pedal-to-the-metal time for this potter. Sorry, not much time to explain. But I'll try to keep in touch.

chuck looking like Sunsphere

old typewriter keys "mk" stamp, thanks Bruce

Must Reads

Michael Kline

After a lapse of a month, here are my picks for this latest edition of Pottery Bloggery Must Reads. It's not that there isn't enough must read material out there, it's just that it's hard read it all, make pots, write a normal blog post, etc. yadda, yadda, yadda!

I could have just reprinted the last Must Reads and been fine with that. You can't go wrong reading any of those blogs. But as a self imposed rule, I've decided to try to widen the scope and spread the love around.

The first post is by Jeff Campana. The timing couldn't have been better for me as I explore porcelain clay bodies. In Clay Body Revisited, Jeff explains and justifies a thorough process of formulating, mixing, and testing a porcelain clay body. Check it out, here.

The next post is not really a blog post but an excellent article written by porcelain badass, Tom Turner. It's one of a slew of great articles Turner has posted on his web site. John Simmons told me about this article the other day, and after reading it, realized that it was a must read! I encourage you to check out the other articles out as well!

And lastly, Carter Gillies sent me to this blog about pottery, the creative process, and teaching written by Kelly Kessler. The thoughts are provocative and the writing is clear. I just kept scrolling down for more, a good sign of a must read! Kelly posts about every couple of days and I've added Kelly blog, Diving Into The Clay, to my blog roll, look for it!

That's it for now. If you have blog posts that you think are truly exception an have legs, please leave a link in the comments!

Image Upload Problems!

Michael Kline

I've been trying to bring you up to date with today's work, but can't seem to get along with Blogger! I have a post about visiting Muddy Creek Pottery on Sunday. Also on the day's activities around the shop. I guess I'll check back later when I'm done with my after supper pots! Hope to see you all then and share some pictures at that time! Thanks.

Back on the Horse, Somehow

Michael Kline

[muffling tapping sound as if a speech or announcement is about to be made...]

After a peaceful "blogcation" one must begin somewhere. While away from the keyboard and mouse I have been busy with sales, and blessed by many visitors. Antonia Campanella has been here to lend a hand as my intern from the Cleveland Institute of Art and we've had a great time working together on the Toe River Arts Council Studio Tour last weekend. I've missed sharing all of these times of the past two weeks, only occasionally sending somewhat random pictures from my phone. The space and time during such a blogcation fills quickly and there is much to do (always), and getting back in the game is awkward and a bit like getting in a rapidly spinning revolving door. So as an exercise, before dashing into the revolving door of ye olde blogge, I though I would do as most writer's do and just start typing, or in my case hunt and peck.

Some things haven't changed, I still have dial-up here at the HQ, as well as the old eMac. I try to fine tune the new workshop and prepare for a new session there, with an ever hopeful spirit that this is going to be the best one yet. I hope to build on the successes of the last batch of pots, largely gone off into the world, now, and correct the mishaps by triangulating experience, speculation, and blind luck.

It seems that I've covered most of the topics one can in this blog, but hope to drill down deeper and share what I find in this pottery blog mining with you in the coming weeks. I'm inspired by other potters/artists who take on their keyboard yoke to share their thoughts, opinions, and insights, like Whitney Smith, Ron Philbeck, Scott Cooper, and Catherine White, to name just a few.

["Wow, that wasn't so bad. Well, maybe a little melodramatic. {bleeeep!} Oh, is this mic still on?"]

NC Potter's Conference (Still)

Michael Kline

Alex Matisse, myself, and Ron Philbeck
at the main venue during a break
at the 22nd Annual N.C. Potters Conference

I'm OK, really. Thanks for all of those concerned about my welfare. I'm just a little behind in all departments and haven't been able to post lately. There has been some pretty good coverage of the conference, though. Here are a few of the stories in case you missed them.Link Michael Mahan of Seagrove has several posts about the conference including a recent post of some work inspired by what he saw and heard. Bruce and Samantha of Bull Dog Pottery have a nice post today and Julie Jones of Durham writes about what she found interesting. Here's Ron Philbeck's coverage! Meredith over at Whynot Pottery caught me having a good time at the Friday Night Dinner and wrote about the conference here. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Benjamin Gufford at the conference but he has a very nice blog here, with coverage from the event, including some videos which I haven't seen yet (remember, dial up, here?) but will see when we switch to high speed (soon!).
Nancy Utterback gave a wonderful presentation to complete the weekend and spoke eloquently about "green" practices in the individual or group studio. She and Melissa Oliveira have started a blog about such . It can be found here. I hope you will contribute to the conversation over at Green Ceramics. It's an important topic in these times.

Things get old really fast here on the bloggo-potto-sphere! I hope that I don't miss the already fading deadline to post my impressions of the NC PC in the next day or so. Thanks for keeping in touch.

Potters Market: Day 1

Michael Kline

The day was beautiful outside the Cross Street Building in Spruce Pine. The big windows of the old hosiery factory gave almost ample light on my pots and the crowd was there, against all odds. Maybe the banking news was so bleak in Charlotte, that many of its residents came running to the hills to buy pots, who knows? At any rate, S & D readers were there and I had a chance to meet a few today. Here is Judy Shreve, a most frequent reader and commenter here, of Mountain House Studios with husband Bob with one of favorite pots of the last firing. They were in Asheville to check out UNC-A with their son. It was great to meet them.

Here is another happy customer with the bird jar that she bought. This piece was my designated donation to the NC Pottery Center. Most of the potters in the show participated in a benefit for the Pottery Center in Seagrove. The proceeds of this purchase will go to help the Center stay on top of their capital campaign. YAY, win-win.

Comments and Disqus

Michael Kline

It's always an unsettling feeling when a fire arm is posted on the blog, but I thought this was pretty funny although maybe a little bit too forceful an image, but related to this post.

I switched to Disqus a while back with hopes that any conversation that began in the 'comment' section could continue, but there seems to be a hang up. I have been told by the Disqus people that commenters have to register with Disqus and claim your identity! I know, "not another password"??? I understand. But for those brave techno souls out there that would be willing to sign up, I might be able to help if you can help me figure this out.

If you register to comment on this blog you will be eligible for a piece of my pottery from the next firing. So let me know how it goes, leave a comment letting me that you have claimed your identity. You can even upload a picture of your smiling face or any such image that will display every time you comment.

Here's what you need to do to enter the drawing:
Click the comment button below this post.
Go to the comment box and leave a comment, something witty, something funny, anything, express your opinion.
Click the "register" button and fill in info. Email won't be seen on blog comment.
If all goes well, you will be eligible to win the pottery and your voice will be heard.
I will announce a drawing after the next firing, facilitated by an impartial/unbiased employee here at the pottery (who isn't eligible to win)

Don't be a stranger.