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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Michael Kline

Just a brief note to all of y'all keeping score at home!

Yesterday the fabulous Tim Ayers came down from Penland where he is assisting Tom Spleth, to lend his help getting the pots glazed and ready for the kiln. Lindsay Rogers came by, too, to finish up some last minute details to some kiln shelves, etc. but by 4:30 I was still glazing pots and realized that the loading wasn't going to happen and that I needed a good nights rest. So I put the firing off until Monday.

Unfortunately that means that my main fireman, Alan Gratz won't be able to make the change to Monday because he'll be going to Japan! He'll be badly missed but we wish him a Bon Voyage. Alan is mainly going to teach a writing workshop there, but maybe he'll get to fire some kilns in Japan while he so does his writing residency. I heard they have a few. Have a great trip Alan. We'll save your stoking slot for #36.

That brings us to who will be there to fire this kiln and once again the Snow Creek Pottery Posse will save the day! The posse includes Lindsay Rogers, Courtney Martin, and yours truly and we all live within a mile of the Snow Creek Road Pottery Corridor. Seems like we should get one of those fancy highway signs like they have in Seagrove to direct the masses who crave our pottery!

Well, speaking of traffic...the weather was really wonderful for glazing outside and we had a few visits over the last few days as people are starting to come out and tour the early spring landscape! The first visitors since the New Year!!!

The shop will be closed today, but I'll be around back at the kiln getting it loaded up with pots, if you care to stop in! But expect to wad some pots! I'll try to send some pictures of the loading as I go along. You can also follow my twitter feed (to the right in the sidebar) for quick updates.

Other News: last weeks Poll is closed. The tallies were pretty consistent from the beginning with about a third of potters who read the blog having internet connectivity in there studios! Wow, it was a higher percentage than I would have guessed. Thanks for everybody who took the poll. I'll try to post my next poll tomorrow.

That's all for now.

Thanks, as always, for reading!

This Week's Poll: Online?

Michael Kline

staying in touch

I've been thinking about the changes in my work habits in recent years and the contrasts of today's pot shop with the studio when I started out making pottery. In many ways the interweb has brought us all closer together and made the world of pottery a smaller one. We are all aware of what we are all doing and that is having an effect on the things we do and influencing the pots we make.

Whether we like it or not, email, twitter, facebook, and other sites on the internet are common ways of communicating for our generation. Do you have an office with a computer near your studio, a laptop you carry with you, a smart phone or iPod touch? Is this interconnectivity helping and informing your work? Or do you find yourself distracted by information that seems urgent but in the end keeps you from getting your work done?

updating facebook during a demo at Penland

Please let us know your thoughts on this. Obviously you all are reading this blog somewhere! Maybe it's on your iPhone, or laptop, maybe you read it while you're at the day job.

Would you be so kind as to take the poll to the right on the sidebar? It is totally anonymous and only takes one click!

Thanks. Now back to my pots!
Thanks for reading.

Thursday is the New Monday

Michael Kline

This is sort of how it feels in the studio this morning. Brrrr. The big week has been more like a wee-week. Weak. Keeping it short this morning. Must...........make...............pots....Brrrr.........
Don't forget the wee poll. just scroll down and look for it on the right! Dogs are still winning!
Meow for now.

A Wee Poll

Michael Kline

Would you please take a moment to take my poll? Just scroll down and find it on the right. The information will be useful for future blog content! Check any boxes that apply to you! Polling ends in one week. If you're reading this from Facebook and you want to take the poll, follow this link.

Much thanks.