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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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The Best of Sawdust and Dirt

A record of the goings on around Michael Kline Pottery!

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Pots in Action

Michael Kline

Ayumi Horie has begun a Instagram Page, Pots in Action, based on her Pots-In-Action concept of a few years ago. If you are on IG check it out!

One Conference After Another

Michael Kline

I've  learned my lesson after NOT being able to complete Pt 2 of the blog covering my wunderbar experience at the St. Pete Clay Florida Heat! SO,  before the wunderbar-ness evaporates as I re-enter all the stuff that needs to be done this week, before glazing, firing, and going to the next conference (#NCECA2014) I want to share some of the pics from the superb 27th NC Potters Conference.

My experience can't be summed up in just pics, especially with so few pics, but that'll have to do for now.

Thanks for looking.
what to wear at a conference

one more before I go
some last minute pottery swiping

ice storm cancelled most of the first days events. ;-(

the "not really photoshopped" pic of
Shapiro and Gill lighting up

live podcast interview with Dwight Holland
hosted by my podcast mentors, Ben Carter and Brian R. Jones

the AMAZING Michelle Erikson 
podderycast giants

the AMAZING John Gill
"throwing" a pot cross section with paper and scissors

Erikson squirrels

the gang at lunch. (l-r, Kyle Carpenter, Mark Shapiro, Ron Philbeck,
Brian R. Jones, Kristen Schoonover, and Karen Newgard)

one of my favorite Gill moments. throwing a bowl on Shapiro's wheel.
everyone stopped to watch!

There are lots of pics on Instagram and Facebook taken by folks who were there.

just use #ncpottersconf or #ncpottersconference

A Week in Pictures

Michael Kline

I started another Facebook page, 12 x 12. Please like it.

Spring is coming slowly


Moustache is growing and is a pleasant addition to the barnyard

metal stamping my pots for this round
looking for some old letterpress for firing number  as well

chicken waterers

looking at this pot a lot and thinking about craftsmanship
 and intention, technical  mastery, and aesthetics 

From Here To Digital Eternity

Michael Kline

swirlware cups

"Round and round we go, and where we stop nobody knows."

Here are some of the cups I packed to ship out today, I wanted to record these as they will be out of sight, and out of mind, soon and I found something in each that I wanted to save. To remember. Maybe in hopes that I would remember these qualities when I come back these forms again in the future.

Photographing the work has become easier and cheaper. But what is the cost to keep track of all of this stuff and why can't I find pictures that I actually need when asked by galleries? Is it in my iCloud? I'm sure there's an app to keep track of all these apps that hold various versions of these pics (or is it pix?) An app for an app for an app.

somewhere out there.

There are thousands of pictures on my various digital 'buckets' or 'bins' on this machine, or on various external hard drives, or saved on servers in some distant data center. Somewhere out there. Pity the archivist of the future. Which to save? Which to delete?

I'm not sure what I will do with all of these files and folders on the computer named "pottery" or "pots" or the very descriptive "pics". Go through them in my spare time?

meanwhile there is the work of the mind's eye,
the camera of the imagination.

i think I'll upload some of those pictures into some lumps of clay.

Internet Hall of Mirrors

Michael Kline

There are so many points of access to my little busy world. When I started this blog it was pretty much my only option. Now these options to share have exploded. My main choice to share what's happening here at the pottery has been Instagram. When something cool strikes, I can quickly post a picture and share it. When I do this, I can simultaneously send it to Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, etc. Maybe you follow me at some of these venues? Maybe not. So if you just can't get enough of your internet pottery pal, here is a visual parade of the last few days.

11" tiles combed
favorite mug for this session (Bruce Gholson)

pots going to The Clay Studio in Philadelphia for upcoming show

jar with combing

oh, i can comb and incise!?!? little breakthroughs

red dirt test tiles for grass/weed ash glaze. exciting step.


If this just isn't enough, check out what I'm listening to

Thanks for your eyeballs. Later.

Hay you!

Michael Kline

I just downloaded over a 1000 pictures off of the Nikon. If only I could download all of the stories that those pictures would tell. If there is inflation of the economic variety in story telling  then those pictures are worth a gazillion words. Don't they call that hype? Whatever, it's way more than I have time to recount here.

Summary: The roadtrip to and from Austin with Gwendolyn, pictures from Austin's Art of the Pot,  a visit with an old friend, his family, and his Texas mob, the beginnings of summer vacation with the gals, visits with pottery donors for the NCPC Annual Auction, garden pictures, pictures from Evelyn's play, not to mention Evelyn and Lillian's dance performance, a broken down car, a new van, Cousins in Clay with Ron and Judith, Bruce and Samantha, and our visit to Starworks Ceramics in Seagrove and Star, NC, more pictures of the kids and their friends over for a campout. Oh, and the pictures I promised from the last firing.

In a nutshell, that's what was on that 16 GB "roll of film".

When I sat down to click clack this post out on ye olde keyboard I was a little struck down by the weight of wanting to share all of those stories and feeling slightly lame for not being a better blogger/reporter this past month. But now I feel a little better with the summary. I never want to promise that I will write about all that someday and never do it, that's really lame.

Finally to what I wanted to write about in the first place, before the preamble ramble.  What I will share with you now is a bit of mower's pride.

It's what I call the "table" shot. You know the pic. The one of a potter's studio full of freshly made pots, (aka the 12 x 12 shot). But instead of rows of pots, I have windrows! I took these pictures immediately after finishing the the mowing spiral. The sun had just broken through dusky clouds. I couldn't quite capture the pride I had at the moment, but it's the kind of pride one has for overcoming technical, tactical, or physical shortcoming. Pride associated with taking something to the next level or sometimes just getting something/anything made or done! We all have our challenges, right?

So with the pride of a potter with a table of freshly turned potteries, here are a few pictures of last evenings mowings.

Like many a weekend warrior with a lawn, I enjoy getting out there and going 'round with the mower. AND I've been blessed with several acres of open meadow that surround the studio and the house. But only a very small portion around the house and the studio got mowed by moi. The rest was cut and hayed by neighbors. Actually, that weekend warrior part is a little inaccurate. I mow when I can and when I am busy with a firing, the grass can get pretty tall. Tall grass is hard to push a 3.5 hp Briggs and Stratton through, so last summer I taught myself to use a scythe. For those who follow me on Facebook, Instagram, etc. you no doubt, have seen me posing with my scythe or showing a newly mowed row of the field. Well, after many hours of online videos of people all around the world using scythes, I managed to learn how to use the one bequeathed to me by my scything patron, Kent McLaughlin. I had confessed my fascination for the scythe with him at a POTR meeting, and shortly after that he produced a fine Austrian-made "Amercian" (er, American, that is) scythe that I used all of last summer. It was pretty used up, but I managed to figure out how to use it and more importantly how to sharpen it!

It's probably too late to make a long story short, but that's the gist of it.
For this evening,  I have a few pots to decorate and glaze for Kyle's kiln.
Tomorrow, it's time to rake some hay. That is if the sun shines.

Spoiler: more scythe-talk may show up here on ye olde blogge! There's a lot of tall grass outside the studio! Consider yourself warned.

Photo Dump

Michael Kline

Here they are.

The pictures from the camera.

But you'll have to go here until Blogger has an easier way to upload pictures en masse.

Thanks for traipsing all over creation to see pictures. Don't you have pots you should be making? ;)

ثلاث صور

Michael Kline

these teapots are going to the NC Pottery Center,
for the upcoming show, Teatime: Series 1: Teapots and Teacups
oops, no teacups...

while packing teapots, I had kitty-kat "man" the wheel.

my first stoneware pots were these dessert/sandwich plates.
after all that white-porcelain-stuff I decided to paint'em black. ;-)

Thursday Quickie

Michael Kline

wood pile circa. Monday

panoramic pile up

finished and drying?

for the container show at
Crimson Laurel Gallery
here in Bakersville

a reminder of how much I used for these pots

in the mail today!!
just in time for some testing in the wood kiln.
i'll let you know how it goes of course!

Quick Tour Around the Shop

Michael Kline

Just time for pictures and captions. Too many thoughts, so little time to write them down. Maybe we'll have a snow day soon and I can sit down to expand on some of the things I've meaning to share with you. For now, some views of the shop from today.

the shop is full of pots that are stating to pile
up and the plastic is everywhere

speaking of covers!
my buddy Peter Karner made the cover!
I'm proud to see his beautiful pots.
It's a great issue.

thanks to a visit from my neighbor/potter
David Ross, we have this shot of me making
my cover pot of the day

the rim of this cup gets a little bumped around while I flute the sides.
I guess I should mention that the cover pot is
one of my favorite cups given to me by
Michael Simon a few years ago.
it's there on my treadle wheel...
See this coffee break.

the board of fluted cups

Trip to Seagrove

Michael Kline

brad lail (l) and ron philbeck (r) at ron's place on wednesday

It's late and I just want to post this before I go to dreamland. But I will fill in the blanks about my trip to Seagrove, NC and answer any questions that these pictures might raise. Just leave a comment. I look forward to the exchange. Don't be shy.

lead glazed fremington pitcher at ron's

a visit to whynot pottery:
meredith heywood's custom mudbox

mark heywood's
wheel and mudbox

mark hewitt throwing pitchers

removing a very stubborn 40 year old wheel head
with heat, lubricant, and 2 x 4's

the rusty truth

the reason I wanted to remove my Shimpo wheel head.
it's been a long road for this splash pan
and it's time for my own mud box! (and ball opener!)

Night, night!

More Impressions from the 18th Century

Michael Kline

Ironically, with all of my new technology here at the Sawdust and Dirt HQ, I've been having a little trouble focusing on the tasks at hand. It is later than I think, there are most certainly some pots to make as my firing deadline approaches. Yet I haven't finished sharing some of my impressions of Colonial Williamsburg.

Well here are some more pictures of details around the colonial city.

Meanwhile I open a bag of earthenware! What!!

More later.


Michael Kline

Sounds from last night.

clip clop of treadle wheel
soft shhh-ing of cutting tool and soft clay
the train coming through its winding riverside tracks
wind blowing its warm summer breeze in the leaves behind me in the woods
late summer crickets
the buzz of bombardier winged creatures (see below)

In the early morning hours after midnight I had made up my mind to get all the handles on pitchers(2) and jug(1) and crock(1), get the feet and rims cut on the platters(6).
Not a bad list, but all of the tasks required attention and careful work. No ipod, no radio tonight. Just the wonderful sounds of the night. It struck me as I worked steadily and bleary eyed that at this time of the day(night) there weren't cars and trucks squealing as they navigated the turn on the new asphalt, the phone didn't ring, there wasn't an appointment to make. It was good focused time. Something I really needed. Here are some pictures.
cutting foot on platter

nest of trimmings

some finished pots

Some winged creature [cicada killer wasp] who was flying sorties around my head.
It finally landed and groomed itself while I snapped this picture.
It looks like a bee, but it's almost two inches long.
There were several caught in a holding pattern in my fluorescent lights.