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Not Like the Other

Michael Kline

By now my neighbors must be convinced that I'm a vampire (which proves Stacey's suspicions as well!)

No, it's just hell week, here. Another firing is just around the corner. Everything takes longer, a LOT longer. Especially if you haven't made a teapot in ??? year(s).

I'd better check the record (read: search the blog) to see when the last teapot was made. I don't think I've made any in this new studio and this "new" studio is now two years old! I remember my first pots were "Obamaware" pots, which seems like lifetime, ago. Or at least another last election cycle ago...I guess some things never change. Time marches on.

I know what some of you are thinking, and the answer is, no. I'm not going Republican, just got bored with making birds!


Now it's on to the next one. The one being many , many pieces of bisqueware to paint and glaze, and a couple more bisque firings...

Have a wonderful day.

Last Chance for My Obama Wares

Michael Kline

still available to bid on. till 8 pm EST

The Obamaware show will end at 8 P.M. EST tonight! That's less than an hour to get in on the auction action! I know that there will be some last minute/second bidding to get some good deals and that's ok.

From an email from Elizabeth Robinson:
So far the sale has been a huge success- with over $4300 of work being sold at the Buy it Now option within the first few hours! The bidding going on with rest of the work is enthusiastic and vigorous. Amazingly, I think there are a few great pieces that can still be bought outright.
Here is the link to my page where there are four pieces left for the bidding. Go get'em.

A Visit to the Piedmont

Michael Kline

The entrance to the NC Pottery Center is paved with good patrons!

We visited the NC Pottery Center last week after a trip to the North Carolina Zoo. The girls were out of school for Fall Break and we decided to get out of our neighborhood and do a little camping. For two days we ran around the zoo in wonder of all the creatures, great and tiny, then for a day, we went to nearby Seagrove and visited some of my pottery cousins. We headed into the Pottery Center to hand deliver money from the purchase of one of my pots from the SPPM/NCPC benefit from last week. (FYI, the NCPC met it's fundraising goals last week!!! Thanks for all of those who helped out, here's that story.) The current exhibit showed a variety of tablewares and tea and coffee sets of the early 20th century NC potteries. It was great to see these pots in a live instead of where I usually see them, on eBay. What a difference live viewing makes. I just wish I could just handle 'em and turn 'em over.
The permanent exhibit is always great to see . I love those old pots. Here is a 4 gallon jar by the patron saint of the Catawba Valley, Daniel Seagle.

Evelyn is at a great age where she is full of wonder, even with pottery! I gave up calling for her to pose with Stacey and Lillian.

Here are a display of ribs, or known around here as 'chips'. Some of these don't look they were used very much. A couple of the small ones looked like they were worn down to the center hole.

I know my wooden ribs get worn down pretty fast with my sandy clay, at least at the corners.
We had a nice vist with Bruce and Samantha over at Bulldog Pottery. But Mocha, the bulldog was off napping, so we didn't get to play, maybe next time. We met Charlotte Wooten in town and saw here beautiful painted bird pots and then headed over to Ben Owen's place to see the "Papa-gama" as well as the museum which was a real treat. We were worn out and had a long trip ahead of us so we decided we'd better head for the hills to get the girls home at a decent hour. It's great to be able to have some time to visit the Seagrove are and see pots with the family. Who would have thought that visiting potteries would be so much fun for the family?!

I'm still catching up on all of the blogs and will get back into the swing, myself this week. I'm looking forward to the Obamaware auction beginning tonight at 8p.m. on eBay. I hope you will get in on the auction that will benefit Barack Obama's and Joe Biden's bid for office. Bid high and bid often.

Obamaware on Ebay

Michael Kline

The Obamaware '08 show has been moved to eBay to be able to handle to incredible response and prevent further crashes. The show will go live at 8 p.m. Sunday October 19th. Here is the address of the Obamaware auction! If you haven't registered with eBay, I would advise you do this early to be able to bid on Sunday night.


Michael Kline

Lindsay Rogers announces that there is a space available to an aspiring potter, out there somewhere I'm sure. Check out the Energy xChange web site here, for details.

Ayumi Horie reports that there are so many hits at the Obamaware preview that they are postponing the sale until the 19th and moving it to eBAY. Meanwhile you can check out the preview announced here in a previous post.

TONIGHT: Blogger will be unavailable Tuesday (10/14) at 8:00PM PDT for about 10 minutes for maintenance.

OBAMAWARE Preview is UP (for real)

Michael Kline

from the blog diary Daily Kos

Despite Ayumi's web team's best efforts in anticipation for big traffic on the OBAMAWARE Preview and Sale, the upgraded server crashed last night. But it's UP today, Hooray. So check it out here. There has been a lot coverage here, extremecraft, at Ron's blog, and other blogs, namely Daily Kos. I've looked over the other pots, and the show looks great. I'm glad I pressed to get the pots made. It was a lot of fun to come up with new designs for what is a very limited edition. So check into the sale tomorrow and help Barack Obama's campaign at the same time.

Disrepair in Full Color

Michael Kline

It occurred to me that after seven years of hammering the old wood kiln it was starting to look pretty shabby and needed not only cosmetic repairs, but also a number of more important functional updates: the stoke doors/bricks have always been a nuisance, there are major cracks inside the firebox and corners of the arch, and of course, the fiber/stucco covering is crumbling. Here are a couple of full color pics I took with Stacey's new camera this morning.

the backside of the arch showing
spy plugs and soot from 29 firings

The lower end of the arch, showing,
grate bars and primary air flues(bricked up)

The kiln has cooled quickly to about 700*F last time I checked. The dampers were left open about 2 inches and this morning I opened them to about 4 inches. The Obama-ware has to be in NY by Friday! I will try to get the door down tomorrow, but if you've read this blog before you know my kiln takes foreevvvvvver to cool. So, cross your fingers.

a maple tree in the wood yard

a goldenrod