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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Michael Kline

I have been writing each morning for a week or so, now over at and it has been really great. And in a recent convo with Cynthia Guajardo (@ceramicscapes on twitter) we were getting nostalgic about the olden days of pottery blogging. There was a time, before Facebook ate Blogger, where some pretty awesome stuff was being recorded in pottery studios all over. And still is to an extent. But mostly I see updates linked on FB more often than at the actual blogs.

SO maybe Cynthia and others will return to the long form again. Or not. What are your thoughts??

But before you answer that question, let me offer this retro-blog post from Don Pilcher in 2010.

Don Pilcher pottery sculpture rascaware rascal ware Champaign

  So I’ve concluded this: nice clay, a well-made form, a sensuous glaze treatment and a toasty firing. What have I got? A ceramic fashion show; not much more. It’s what Ralph Bacerra described as “just a pot with a glaze on it.”

After twenty-five years of making those pots, with some success, I quit ceramics to attend to a slew of life’s other demands. In the process I got a new job, new car, new house, new dog, new wife; same kids, same town. [READ MORE]

In The Beginning: Some Pottery Bloggery Firsts

Michael Kline

Feeling nostalgic after yesterday's blogiversary, I put this list together during my lunch break. It contains the blog posts from some of the early pottery blogs that I followed back in the early days and some that jumped on the blog-wagon in the years to follow. I couldn't find some blogs as they seem to have been discontinued and/or have been taken over by robots selling septic tanks and viagra. I'm sure I left some out, but if you can think of someone I forgot or am leaving out please leave that in a comment. I want to use this list in my NCECA talk. Thanks!

So here you go on your trip down memory lane!

Click on the potter's name to go to that post. The list is in order of the date of the first post.

Scott Cooper: Rare Earth March 6, 2001
Emily Murphy/Pottery Blog July 19, 2004
Ron Philbeck/Potter's Journal September 8, 2005
Judi Tavill October 1, 2005
Mary Anne Davis January 5, 2006
Anne Webb January 21, 2006
Jennifer Mecca April 6, 2006
Cynthia Guajardo April 28, 2006
Shannon Garson/Strange Fragments May 12, 2006
Diana Fayt/one black bird May 31, 2006
Gary Rith August 20, 2006
Whitney Smith/An Artist's Life October 3, 2006
Mel Robson/Feffakookan December 6, 2006
Rae Dunn December 21, 2006
Euan Craig January 24, 2007
Jeanette Manchester Harris January 27, 2007
Michael Kline February 6, 2007
Brandon Phillips February 16, 2007
Carole Epp April 15, 2007
Vicki Gill April 18, 2007
Christa Assad May 21, 2007
Scott Cooper: TW@SE June 10, 2007
Shane Mickey July 29, 2007
Kari Radasch August 6, 2007
Tony Clennell August 10, 2007
Elaine Spallone August 28, 2007
Joe Bennion Oct 15, 2007**
Ang Walford November 3, 2007
Lori Watts/Fine Mess December 8, 2007
Hannah McAndrew January 10, 2008
Margaret Brampton January 19, 2008
Kyle Houser/Homefry Sketchbook January 27, 2008
Doug Fitch January 29, 2008*
Paul Jessop February 7, 2008
Kristen Kieffer March 11, 2008
Keith Kreeger April 20, 2008
Tracey Broome May 5, 2008
Dan Finnegan May 28, 2008
Meredith Haywood/Whynot Pottery May 29, 2008
John Britt/Clay Club June 4, 2008
Bulldog Pottery June 6, 2008
Priscilla Mouritzen July 7, 2008
Hollis Engley August 15, 2008
Zygote Blum September 7, 2008
Michael Mahan September 18, 2008
Steven Colby October 18, 2008
Jim Gottuso/Sophia's Dad's Pots February 2, 2009

*(Doug's first blog appeared much earlier than this, but the archive of that web site doesn't exist, so this is the date of his second blog)

**(this is Joe's second blog, his first was eaten by an evil cyber nerd)