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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Shop Cups Contest

Michael Kline

I'm wrapping up the deco-rotation, and set to dip the pots in slip and glaze. But first it's time for one more coffee break. Here are my choices tonight. How many can you name?

The first one to name all the cups correctly gets a special prize. When I get the right answers I will announce the winner!

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My $10 Idea

Michael Kline

Here is a handy little way to a) keep glaze in the glaze bucket, b) keep the appropriate container close to the glaze bucket at all times. This is shareware and if you like it after trying it for free you can send me a check for $10. Just kidding of course. [Stacey says, "No, we're not kidding, we need the cash!"] I'll let you decide.

Grab a packing tape gun and tape over about a quarter of the diameter of the bucket. Not too tight. Leave a little slack, the cup will nestle better. Run the tape far enough down the bucket to give good grip. Off you go to glazing heaven.

Maybe a naming contest will stimulate the conversation. If your name suggestion is chosen you will receive your very own "what-cha-ma-callit" or "fancy schmancy device"!

{Employees of Kline Pottery are not eligible. some state and local restrictions may apply. offer ends whenever we decide on the name}