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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Electric Kiln Nomad

Michael Kline

With about a week before the firing date most reasonable potters would be glazing pots and preparing the kiln. Since I'm not exactly reasonable or able, I will have to squeeze a few pots out of the wheel in the next couple of days to fill out the making list. Usually I make small cups and bowls on the last wet day, or making day, and glaze them bone dry.

In other news, yesterday, John Hartom of Empty Bowls renown, let me fire his electric kiln at his place which is just a couple of miles down the road. It's a great place with a beautiful long view over towards Green Mountain, NC. John and his partner, Lisa Blackburn, moved to the area about eight years ago from Michigan where John taught school. John retired and has set up his Empty Bowls headquarters in Yancey County just over the Toe River from here. They've got a great collection of Burlon Craig pottery that I want to photograph someday, and I'll share it with you here.

But for now, I have a couple of bisque kilns to load and a few more pots to make so I better get to it.
Have a good Sunday.


Michael Kline

After circling around all day yesterday, I melted down and realized what I needed to do was to just set up my wheels as I was accustomed and get to work on making pots. I was driving myself crazy with a never ending list making and not getting anything done. So after the panic set in I snapped and made a simple decision,
"Just set up the wheels and tables as they were for the last ten years." (a big voice inside cramped insane head says)
There was a big DUh written in the sky in little puffy white clouds. After the clouds shape shifted into the perfect floor plan, I got to work. First I raked the ground from the large gravel Allen Wright had laid in there in January and re paved my new "summer studio" in red dirt! I set up the old Shimpo, the wedging table, and the treadle wheel along the wall. Next I bought some lighting at our friendly Ledger Ace Hardware store. After dark I went up and set the lighting and its attendant power strips and extension cords into a nice unencumbered arrangement not unlike knitting with electricity. As the BBC came on at 11p.m. I was about whooped and called it a night. Today I will get some clay out and do a sound check of sorts and hopefully report back with some pictures of the days produce. Have a good Tuesday!