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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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This weekend!

Michael Kline

As I unbrick the kiln door, a thought popped into my head, "have I made any announcement of the kiln opening on ye olde blogge?" The pace has been so swift that I don't think I have mentioned the sale yet! Maybe too late for those wanting to fly in from Guam, but maybe you are close enough to visit? I hope so.

Come early and get one of these! I have about 50 copies of this commissioned letterpress limited edition print by Ragamuffin Press!

I'll have more on the pots later this evening after I unload and attempt to comprehend!

Silence is Golden

Michael Kline

Lillian at the Friday evening preview. The light was so amazing!

Dear reader,
I hope you haven't worried! I've been quiet here for a while, just been lazing around doing yard work and enjoying some beautiful springtime weather! Not much pottery news. Can't recall where I left off...

Oh yea, I fired my kiln and unloaded it and then sold a bunch of it!

I had a great kiln opening! Almost the first of its kind here in Mitchell Co. There wasn't a need for a rope to keep the crowds back, but we had a pretty good turnout for a cold and windy spring weekend! The pots from the firing were laid out in the freshly mowed grass above the studio by Frank Lortscher and myself. It was a very sunny day(and weekend) and a pot never looks better than in the bright sunshine.

Here are a few pictures from the kiln opening:

some local experts scrutinizing the wares

where to park? not a problem

another satisfied customer

The next kiln opening is penciled in for Labor Day weekend. I'll let you know when we seal the date.

I've been thinking about you all and catching up on your blogs (if you have one), although it seems almost impossible to read them all! How did we get here? So many pottery blogs, so little time.

There are pots to pack and ship. There's an Etsy kiln opening coming up very soon. The cousin in clay are gathering for a family reunion in June! I'd better get busy! I'll see you soon with another update.

Tuesday Hello

Michael Kline

I'm taking some time off after our big kiln opening weekend to catch up with all of the emails and blogs that had to be neglected during the whirlwind of preparation and selling the pots. As I look over my "honey-do" list with coffee this morning, I wanted to say hello to you all and share this video I found as I was thinking of the late Nancy Sweezy.

Postal Mailing

Michael Kline

I'm getting ready to mail my card out for the kiln opening! (see countdown clock to the right!) I'm a little late but you don't have to be if you're not signed up yet! Please sign up on my mailing list, there's still time. I'll be licking stickering stamps tomorrow night!

I'm getting some "pedestals" cut for the kiln opening yard! Here's one of the pedestals with a jar on display. We'll have a preview of the pots on Friday, the 7th. There will be light refreshments on Friday and maybe a birthday cake! Then on Saturday morning, the 8th, we'll have the sale!

I better get busy and make the pots I still need. Here's my list:
  • teapots
  • small mugs
  • platters
  • 5 gallon jars
  • 8 gallon jars
  • wine cups
  • pill boxes
  • pitchers
Have a good Saturday folks!

Hewitt Kiln Opening

Michael Kline


I almost forgot to mention (until I instinctively picked up a Mark Hewitt mug this morning to have coffee)! Today and tomorrow you can go over to Mark's in Pittsboro and buy some fresh pots. It's Alex's last kiln load as Mark's apprentice and last chance you Piedmonter's can get his pots in your neighborhood. If not this weekend, you'll have to drive out to Mars Hill to get'em. And then you better stop at my place first!
alex matisse

Here's the preview of Hewitt pottery!

I'm Packing Pots

Michael Kline

Well, of course as I write this I'm not packing pots, but as soon as I finish this post, I will get back to work sending the pots that have already sold online at the "Kiln Opening". It went live at 10 am this morning.

If you haven't seen the show I hope you will visit at some point today!

Thanks to Courtney and John who are letting me use their wifi so I could make sure there weren't any problems as I "cut the ribbon".

Save The Date!!

Michael Kline

Tuesday August 25th at 10 a.m. EST.

After much debate and a trip to the fortune teller, I've decided to have the online "kiln opening"sale on Etsy, a place you may be familiar with. You can go to my store page, bookmark it for Tuesday, and maybe tell you friends and "share". Just scroll down on the right side of the page you will see a link to bookmark, share, etc. I thank you.

Today I went over to my potter/blogger and photographer buddy Joy Tanner for a major photo shoot. We shot several views of about 40 pieces from the last firing. It was great to see Joy's clever photo setup and talk about the pots. She has a great eye for the camera and makes great pots as well. Here are Joy's Etsy page and blog!