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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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The Best of Sawdust and Dirt

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Michael Kline

Sorry to butt in on your day behind the keyboard,  and this is Not a real post, just an acknowledgement
of 6 years and 1489 posts at this here blog. Whether it is a worthwhile effort, only you can say.

Much has changed in the the last six years! This forum marches on, despite the many soldiers of the cause falling out for one reason or another. I'm reminded of seeing the "ClayArt" meeting room at a recent NCECA, and saying to myself, "ClayArt? Haven't they heard of the internet?"

ANd with that snarky thought,  there must be folks out there that grimace when they hear the word "blog". ("...hasn't he heard of Facebook?)

Is the pottery blog archaic? Have we become jaded from the ease of something like Facebook? No time to read blogs, just responding to the visual stimuli? I'm not sure if I have another 1500 posts in me, we'll see, I never thought I would ever get to this point in the first place! For those of you who missed it the first time, here is the inaugural post from Feb 6th, 2007.


I'm "finally" heading up to hill to continue making mugs for the Penland School Auction and more hanging with Scott.

Internet Hall of Mirrors

Michael Kline

There are so many points of access to my little busy world. When I started this blog it was pretty much my only option. Now these options to share have exploded. My main choice to share what's happening here at the pottery has been Instagram. When something cool strikes, I can quickly post a picture and share it. When I do this, I can simultaneously send it to Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, etc. Maybe you follow me at some of these venues? Maybe not. So if you just can't get enough of your internet pottery pal, here is a visual parade of the last few days.

11" tiles combed
favorite mug for this session (Bruce Gholson)

pots going to The Clay Studio in Philadelphia for upcoming show

jar with combing

oh, i can comb and incise!?!? little breakthroughs

red dirt test tiles for grass/weed ash glaze. exciting step.


If this just isn't enough, check out what I'm listening to

Thanks for your eyeballs. Later.

RIP: Dial Up

Michael Kline

No pictures tonight(of the pottery frenzy that I whipped up), but I thought it would be fitting to say good bye to my old friend, my squelchy dial up compadre, my 56k modem. Many of you may have never heard one of these before, just as many of you probably never heard of a vacuum tube! But this will hopefully be my last post over the out-moded modem. We'll see if the cable company comes by in the morning as scheduled.

Fingers crossed.

I'm not sure how such a technological shift could mean for the blog. Hmmm, more videos? Hopefully I will be able to read more pottery blogs and respond with more comments than I've been able to of late. Maybe some live cam feeds from the work shop. Only time will tell. But for now, it's the pedal to the metal on the information super highway.

[awkward silence, confused looks]

Oh, nobody says that anymore?

I ask for your patience!
I'll try to catch up soon.
In the meantime, it is the pedal to the metal (or in my case, the petal) for XXXII, coming up really fast on October 4th!

Yunomi Show at AKAR

Michael Kline

'cousin' Bruce Gohlson
sold out at AKAR

I have just spent 45 minutes looking at the pots at AKAR. The show looks great and seems to be selling briskly. Shoko, Jenny, and Bruce, among others have already sold out. I hope you wil go see for yourself. If anything it is a visual feast! KIm Ellington has some beautiful cups, too!

The Lineup

Michael Kline

Here is a roundup of all the ways of staying "in the know":

Twitter: I've been experimenting with this as a way to share some links, and to share some of the mundane yet interesting things I am doing.

: I have a "fan" page on facebook as well as a personal page. It's been great to "meet" folks from all over the world and have some interesting conversations. It's a great way to stay in touch.

Youtube: I have posted a few videos and hope to do more. You can see all of them here.

Flickr: I haven't done much with this web site but it has some potential. See some pots among other stuff here.

Lastfm: This is an interesting twist to online listening. Although I don't stream music online with my dial up connection, the music I listen to while I'm working on the eMc or blogging is logged into my lastfm profile and also updated on Facebook. You can see what I've been listening to here.

If that's not enough I'm also on Plaxo and LinkedIn. Plaxo keeps my address book and mail list backed up on the web just in case my computer croaks. [Knock on wood] The six year old e Mac is still running strong. With current web media sophistication it seems to go a bit slow, not to mention the dial up (it's true) Just think what I could do with high speed? Well maybe I'm better off with my 'treadle Mac'

I'm sure there's more but who has the time when you're surfing on dial-up.


P.S. There's always

Stay in touch.