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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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On To The Next One

Michael Kline

There are pictures on the camera as there are memories of the past few weeks, but today I start a (hopefully) productive week on the wheel with my home clay and set my sights on the wood kiln. The eKiln has done a fine job of producing new porcelain work that I'm very excited to show everyone who can make it to our opening this coming Saturday in Bakersville, NC. [We expect it to be a packed house.]

It was a very interesting journey into the land of vitrified white, but now it's time for my iron rich, unrefined clay of home. I'm looking forward to all of its course grained splendor after working with the smooth and white, and also looking forward to making some big pots. Since I have roughly a week to make the pots for my next kiln opening, the pots will have some pretty major scale. So, look out for jugs, pitchers, and crocks of large proportion to grace my worktable this week! I'll try to post pictures from the phone when time and cleaned-off-hands allow!

Until then thanks very much for your comments and thanks for reading! [and please visit our very generous sponsors! ]

And Now For Something Completely Different

Michael Kline

I just wanted to sneak this in before Don's post!

What is going on here, you might say? Well, I pulled out the home clay last night after taking the Turner Spic 'n Span Special for a spin around the shop and started my cycle for the wood kiln. Yes, on the heals of the very recent session with porcelain, (won't be the last), I'm going to try to simultaneously make stoneware and porcelain. What a crazy idea, right? Well here goes!

one for the losers (subtle), any guesses why?