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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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More Layoffs Announced

Michael Kline

This just in from the Public Relations Office at Michael Kline Pottery,

About three hundred feet of 12 gauge and fifty feet of14 gauge extension cords will be eliminated at the Pottery effective immediately. With the advent of alternating current, or A.C., installed Tuesday made this diverse and hard working group of cords redundant. The Kline Pottery regrets that this action had to be taken. The convenience of A.C. was a deal that was hard to refuse.
Hopefully this won't happen to these cords.


Michael Kline

I felt a little pushy when I phoned the electric company this morning, but it's been three weeks! About a half hour after I hung up the phone without much satisfaction except that I was on the schedule for today, what did I see tugging up hill to the studio? A big white truck with a cherry picker! Awesome. They say the squeeky wheel gets the grease....I don't know, I can only speculate on the energy flow and positive thinking about what it might feel like to use the switches on the walls!

So far, everything works! It's a very exciting day. I thought I was dreaming. But after the linemen let me hold onto a bare wire they had crammed into one of the sockets I believed that it was the real thing! [I'm kidding] And now I look at the meter and realize that it's actually on and I am indebted to the company in more ways than one.

I promptly plugged the stereo into the wall, made a sacrifice to Ben Franklin, and cranked up the the Tom Petty to 11.

Wednesday Waiting

Michael Kline

The electric company said they would 'hook' me up today. I've never been so excited about public utilities! We'll see. I won't hold my breath. After eight years of extension cords, what's a few more days?

It looks like another balmy day here and I hope to make a few mugs to warm up for tonight's Clay Club mugathon. If you're in the neighborhood of Penland School tonight come by the pot shop and spin a few for the annual mug grab at the Penland Auction. I'm sure they will appreciate it. There's pizza! [I hope I can remember how to make mugs.] Maybe I can get a decent piece of wire up there.

Still clip-cloppin' on the treadle wheel and enjoying it. I haven't built my Shimpo wheel stand/ball opener, yet. (But I did build a makeshift tree house for the girls in a giant rhododendron tree we found in the woods behind the shop.) I, of course, immediately started looking for a grouping of trees that I could build my epic tree house. But if I start another project before my wheel stand is finished, I probably should be shot to save me from myself and my endless parade of unfinished projects.

That's all for now. Better get up the hill and get to spinning.