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The Prize

Michael Kline

“Inspiration is the windfall from hard work and focus. Muses are too unreliable to keep on the payroll.” ― Helen Hanson

“I'm exhausted. I spent all morning putting in a comma and all afternoon taking it out” 
― Oscar Wilde

Thanks for all of the entries I've already  received for the 12x12 challenge. Many more than the last one I did. Maybe because I'm giving something away? Couldn't be that.

Well, here is the little pot that I will give away randomly to one lucky 12x12 entrant Sunday.

See this post for more details of the contest. Deadline for entering a picture of your productive morning (or night) is midnight tonight, March 15th. So get some clay out and make some stuff!

I'd ask you to share this with your potter friends, but that would make your odds worse and it would make more work for me handling more pictures. 

Contest Clarification

Michael Kline

photo: Evelyn Kline
Although I have already received over a dozen 12x12 pics from readers all over the world, I feel that some clarification is in order since the announcement of the contest was an impulsive one which landed below the lead of yesterday's blog post.

First off read this post from yesteryear to get some background on the idea of 12 x 12.

The basic idea is to get off our duffs [sorry, cousin], away from our social networking, away from those seemingly urgent emails, your favorite pottery bloggery, away from everything! Just darken the doorstep of your favorite workshop and get to work!

The assignment:
  1. Get to work and make 12 things before noon.  Midnight is only acceptable if you have a day job. Respect the clock in whatever time zone you might be. Get a move on! 
  2. If you are throwing, glazing, packing, firing, it matters not. All good honest work will be accepted. 
  3. Once you have satisfied this very simple assignment, proudly take a picture of your productivity!
  4. Send me the picture, preferably a jpeg or a png that is of decent composition and clarity, not too big, not too small.
  5. Send it to no later than midnight of the Ides.
  6. Be sure to include your name, a caption and/or your web site
Now for the fun stuff,

After the deadline I will assemble a blog post with all of your wonderful hard work and productivity. Each submission will get a number according to their order of submission and on Sunday night, I will spin ye olde random number generator and announce the winner.

What does the winner win?  Well I guess I will stroll through the showroom and pick out a nice piece of pottery! How's that sound? I will pick something and post it here in the next day or so.

SO, are you in?

Let's see what you got!

roped cups from today's 12

12x12: Rope and Hump

Michael Kline


self impressioning rope trick

It's funny how questions from last week's symposium in oHIo still echo in my head. It's good to get out and stretch my pottery technique. One of the questions was about throwing off the hump. I don't throw a lot off the hump. Usually I will weigh and ball the clay and go from there, no matter what size, big or small.

But today I decided to throw my 12 morning pots off the hump. I even threw a few small flat bottomed pots, where the cut off is SO important because I don't want to trim these. 

Want to take the 12x12 challenge? It's 12 noon or midnight somewhere in the world, right? 

Here's what to do to win a piece of pottery from me ( I will pick out something nice)
  1. send me your picture of 12 pieces at any stage that you are working on this week. 
  2. send along your name 
  3. send along your website/blog URL
  4. deadline is friday, March 15th, noon ;-)
I will post all of the pictures here on the blog, on Saturday, March 16th.

Sound like fun? To see what all of this is about refer to this blog post  from 2010. 

This is going to be fun!

email your pics to me here.

37 Unloaded

Michael Kline

What a gorgeous day in the neighborhood, warm temps, warm breezes, and warm pots from the venerable old wood kiln. Well, it's not that old, only 37 firings. But as I mentioned in an earlier posts, it needs some maintenance and some TLC.

Here are some shots I took, as I do every firing, of the stack (after) and some details showing location and results. I'll take more shots tomorrow as I continue to replay what might have happened in the kiln and what I might do next time. Those will spotlight pots that I find particularly nice.

These mugs both have 6-tile kaolin slip and Michael (Simon)'s black slip. But the one on the left was fired in the back of the kiln where it was cooler and the other in the front, ∆9 was down, but ∆10 was just bending.

Leave a Comment Contest!!!

Here's your chance to win a $20 pottery gift certificate! Simply leave any comment here on this post or tomorrow's post. Evelyn and I will do the video drawing on Thursday!

Just leave your words of wisdom and wit, regret or pity, here on the blog and you will be qualified! Comments and "likes" on Facebook, as much as they are appreciated, will not be counted. That goes for tweets as well. Sorry.

OK, let me know what you think!

If you have trouble logging in to my commenting service, just email your comments to me and I will post them for all to read.


Black, White, Blue, & Gold

Michael Kline

The painting has begun for my wood kiln firing! But these are not those...

In the previous post I had a web cam shot of the blue and white swirl yunomi with gold lustre. I spent a fair amount of futile time trying to photograph these pots and others. Shooting pictures for the blog is one thing. Having crisp color correct images for publication and print is a whole other thing. Maybe it's time to hire these out. Anyway, here, for your perusal...

bugs by Stacey!

In other news, the drawing for the gift certificate will happen this afternoon after my daughters come home from school, have a snack, and are prepped by the L' Oréal makeup team. So come back this evening a see the drawing video!

Back to my brushes!

Randomness and A Giveaway

Michael Kline

Here are some tankards that I poured slip over, leaving some random bare clay between pours. This may be a case of necessity as the muse.

My bucket of slip wasn't quite deep enough for the full dip and I opted to pour. My reaction was really positive after seeing the pattern created from the missed areas. I've done this before, and I know a lot of folks who do this as well. Kyle Carpenter does a nice job of this kind of pour.

What do you think of these?

Leave a comment and qualify for this week's $20 gift certificate! The drawing will be held this weekend if I can get Evelyn and Lillian to do their thing! That should be the easiest thing I've done all week!


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Contest Winner

Michael Kline

Evelyn and Lillian helped with the contest tonight. Here is the video of the drawing and subsequent victory dance by Evelyn on behalf of this weeks winner!!

Thanks for everyone participating in this fun contest! I will tabulate the results of the survey as well. We'll do this again next week! Thanks for reading!

Random Giveaway

Michael Kline

Comment on your 5 favorites and qualify for a $20 Kline Pottery Gift Certificate that will be given away with random selector! After you leave your comment, you will be assigned a number for the drawing.