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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Today and Tomorrow

Michael Kline

After a couple of days of stoneware I hopped back on treadle wheel for my 12x12, this morning. The juggling act may be more than I am able to handle. The clays are so different. But it makes everything in the studio a little edgier, a little more challenging. But isn't making pots in the 21st century challenging enough? Couldn't I be content with the edginess that already exists in my studio? Turner claims that David Shaner only made porcelain in the winter when the snow was on the ground. I can totally relate to that instinct, but I am going to try to stretch it out into spring, maybe summer. I was talking to Kyle today and had the thought that another power wheel may just be the ticket, freeing up the treadle for trimming. Not in the budget (for now). Meanwhile I worked on Ellen Denker's newest post which I hope to upload for your reading pleasure very soon. Tomorrow is a wood cutting day with John followed by a mini road trip to the big city of Asheville for cornmeal and coffee. Actually, John and I are heading over to see Tom's new pots, then to Asheville to pick up some pots from American Folk Art, followed by a trip to Kyle carpenter's pottery empire to see the progress of his kiln rebuild. Then it's off to Alex Matisse's for the monthly gathering of the NC Clay Club!

Got all that? Maybe we'll see you somewhere along the line.

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Scenes from July Clay Club

Michael Kline

fun times

Had a nice turnout for the monthly NC Clay Club meeting. Great to see my potter/neighbors. Had a big Madison County turnout, too! Heading that way to help Alex build his kiln tomorrow. I'll take the camera!

Thanks for bringing all the good food and good times, you all.
i deco-rotated a couple of pots
and a tree grew outta my head

Local News

Michael Kline

Kyle Carpenter adjusts his view of Courtney Murphy's bottle.

The Clay Club met last night and there was a great turnout for the "pot on the spot" critiques. Led by Linda McFarling, Shane Mickey, and myself, we were able to have a big group critique of about a dozen or so pieces. I hope we will continue this discussion as it's helpful for everyone to learn more about what we're trying to do with clay. So much of what we do is in solitude and inside of our own heads. This is a way for the group to consider the options and make suggestions. Twenty heads are sometimes better than one.

Ila Prouty and Jane Hatcher look over a pot by Susan Fagan

John Britt tries to keep order at the crit

Tria Turrou of the Mushroom Factory (l) and
David Trophia and John Lara of
Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville.

In addition to voting in favor of the "fruit of the vine and work of human hands" in Spruce Pine this week, there is a new blog in town! Planning a trip? Curious about our little corner of the world? Read the news from the Mitchell County Chamber of Commerce here!

Moving and Shaking

Michael Kline

I've been packing some things, unpacking some things, but it just doesn't feel like home, yet. I plan on setting up the wheels to start doing some summertime throwing, plein aire style. After the wiring and lights are in, the insulation is in, and the walls get covered, I will set up in the shop. I have to burn the kiln next month for the upcoming shows at the Mint and the Rye Arts Center. I better get crackin'.

The showroom is set up with all the pots that didn't get shipped or sold to last session's Penland classes. Snow Creek Road has a new layer of blacktop. So there's no time like the present for a visit to the new pot shop. Come on over!

The Clay Club is meeting tonight up at John Ferlazzo's, should be fun. We have a little group blog started here.

Have a good Wednesday.