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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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The Best of Sawdust and Dirt

A record of the goings on around Michael Kline Pottery!

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Some Painted Pots and The Village Potter

Michael Kline

All the pots are bisqued
and the glaze is stirred
 I picked up my brush...

the last bisque with glaze test tiles for Courtney Martin
natures patterns are everywhere! even in a bisque firing!

step by step vine instructions (clockwise)
more pattern, less negative space

Ahh, can't finish this!  (to the tune of Mingei-sota Dreaming, or is that California Dreamin'???)

Staying up late painting pots has once again dulled my recall.

I strive, (I really do!) each session, to refine my painting, to push it to a slightly different place. I guess it might look like the same old @klineola ware, but i hope the patterns are more nuanced, more fluid each time.

I like these just the way they are but the glaze and firing will make these functional and add another layer of subtlety.

coffee break with my newish  Matthew Schiemann mug

Way behind schedule, but, as promised, a few pics of my painting progress, and a link to a great article I just read while taking my coffee break!

Read about the island of misfit pots: The Village Potter

OK! Back to work!

Deco-Rotation Beginnings

Michael Kline

I'm afraid I might be painting myself into a corner (again)!

Just back from conferencing, yet again, and not enough time to get all the ideas that I've had for surface treatments onto all of these pots. Oh my.

But I'm off to a good start, though, and the brushes feel good. New things always happen and its hard to hold back from trying new motifs, etc. But time is always the party pooper.

So, I'll be brief and get back to the bisque straight away. I'll continue to post regularly here and might try to put down some thoughts during this sit-down-and-paint-some-pots day or two.

Thanks for reading.

snowed last night and the studio light is very bright. :-)

Half Baked

Michael Kline

pots and slip ready for this weeks painting and glazing

Tomorrow begins the clumsy transition between the wetness and sloppiness of shaping pots at the Shimpo to the dressing up with patterns of carefully painted wax resist brushwork. Pottery making is full of paradoxes and the dance between the impermanence of damp clay and the rock hardness of the fired pot usually has me standing with my back to the wall, waiting for the right song to inspire me to the dancefloor. Always a little shy and wallflowerish, I'm reluctant to let go of my slippery spinning world of forming for the whirling of the brush mark on the lovely beautiful pink bisque. I wonder why?


Bisqueware stands somewhere between its ceramic puberty and its vitrified adulthood, always a little awkward, uncomfortable in this transitive state.  Impatient as a not-yet-old-enough teenager to drive.

Back Story:34 Painting

Michael Kline

As I desperately try to regain some order and get a night's sleep before the craziness of unloading a kiln load of pots and get them ready for this weekend's pottery show, I realize that I have some straggling images from the painting and glazing session that lasted a mere 3 days. Usually I take 5 days, but I had no choice but to cram 5 days into 3 and failed miserably and had to postpone the firing by a day. But it all got done in the nick of time. But it means that instead of two days to prepare for the show I have one! Well, with no further are some pictures of some of the pots I painted and deemed worthy in their beautifully bisqued state to be put in the record.

Tomorrow I will unload the kiln and will try to get the "after" shots of these. Enjoy...

despite the tight time frame, i went the extra
mile and painted the inside of these bowls and many others.
Creativity knows no schedule.

one of the "boxes" for the Crimson Laurel show.
Let's hope this one makes it through
the firing!

top view of the above box

another of the Crimson Laurel pots.
this one is painted in my black wax.
I then dipped it in white slip.

some hump molded dishes painted in underglaze black.
more dots! I then glazed these with tenmoku, very thinly.

platter with black wax and plain wax


Michael Kline

Knowing the tight deadline I'm on and knowing how much effort and mental capacity it takes, I willed myself into bird territory last night and tried some new stuff, including clouds! I'm glad I did. Let me know what you think. Suggestions are most welcome!

i had the thought that I should show the birds in their most
enviable state: flight. I sketched these out with wax

beginning of a pattern including pencil "map"
and first couple of elements

the other elements of the overall pattern

Here are some things I jotted down last night in no particular order of importance,
  • it's hard to judge the pots at this stage, better just to forge ahead without too much thinking.
  • see the mark before it is painted
  • I'm just getting warmed up
  • often the marks are a lot like the pots. repetition brings [can't read my scribbles] out the best marks when an unselfconscious place is arrived at [?]
  • some marks are real duds!
More later, I hope. I have to mix my alkakline ash glaze and some RJB today, so that it will be ready for Friday's dipathon.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!