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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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The Best of Sawdust and Dirt

A record of the goings on around Michael Kline Pottery!

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Michael Kline

I gave this pot to Stacey, since it had a little crack in it. It was one of my faves from the bird series I started with at the beginning of the XXXII session. I'm enjoying a bagel and sausage for my late lunch on this very plate.

XXXII: Others

Michael Kline

some of my favorite pots from the
firing were the double dipped RJB slip with wax
resist like this pitcher. it's always nice when a little
fly ash melts on a pot's shoulder.

this was the only pitcher that i made during this brief session

a design from a Tz'u-chou vase that I incorporated in many
pots. I use new motifs on as many pots aas I can to see how they work on various forms

a hollow rimmed bowl

one of the many cylinders that I explored in the last session

this is a little flask made by my friend Micah Cain.
Micah is a resident up at the nearby Energy Xchange.
He gave me a few of these to paint. the pinkish blush was
occurred when the flask tipped over in the kiln and laid against another pot.


Michael Kline

this particular kind of glass (some stained glass remnants
that Shane Mickey gave me a long time ago) is the only
glass that seems to be compatible with the slip only surfaces. Thanks Shane!

blue glass run on copper green glaze fired on the front
near the bag wall.

the little orange spot at about eight o'clock
came from a flask that had fallen onto the jar during the firing.


copper green glaze over black underglaze

These are all 2 or 3 lbs of clay and range in height from 5 to 8 inches.

First Viewing

Michael Kline

We had a nice crowd for the first viewing of PBS's Craft in America over at Penland tonight and afterwards Alex Matisse and I unbricked the door of my kiln to get the first view of the pots in Numero 32! It looked pretty good to me so far. I was too tired to unload the kiln so I will wait till morning. Here are a few snapshots of the stack.