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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Plaster, Videos, and Ireland

Michael Kline

This week has flown by, as it does. Wednesday Kenny Sedberry and I went out with the video cam and filmed four of our  POTR guild. We started out at Bandana Pottery, where Naomi Dalglish made a cake plate, and Michael Hunt deco'd some plates and threw cups off the hump.

Kenny and I tried our hands on Michael's stick propelled wheel.

Next we headed over Stan Andersen's studio on Water Street. Stan had many great stories which we captured on video, but we had to scramble to charge the batteries during our lunch break! One of the videos is Stan outlining the fascinating history of majolica-ware! I may post that one here next week. 

After lunch we went to David Ross's place over on Snow Creek Rd. where David made a huge slab platter. We're making the videos to document our guild and will begin releasing them in April on our Facebook page.

I made new reclaim bats this week. They are 22" x 22" x 2". Of the 4 I made in 1998, 2 are left and are chipping and flaking. Besides I need 4 to reclaim my barrel. I am well aware of the economics debate that I've had before about whether or not to reclaim. But its not always about economics for me, although my bank account would beg to differ.

One more thing: Don't miss my buddy, Shawn Ireland's show at AKAR that went live this morning!
He's got some beautiful pots there! Get them while they are still available!

Shawn Ireland, carousel candlestick, courtesy:AKAR design

Coffee Break vol. #13

Michael Kline

Ouch. This cup has been really used and abused, but it still delivers. It's made by my fellow potter of the Roan and fellow former resident-artist who-never-left-the Penland community, Stanley Andersen. I first used one of Stan's mugs way back in 1984/85. That one belonged to someone I was staying with in Smithville, Tn. I was assisting at the International Ceramics Symposium at the Appalachian Center for Crafts and I must have used that little mug every morning during my one month stay, because even though I don't have that mug in my hand, it's in my mind's eye. It was probably half the size of this one, pictured. Stan is a master of the brush and has inspired me for a long time.

After I graduated from UT/Knoxville in 1986, I moved to NYC and for a time I made pots there. I used Stan's clay body and glaze base to make majolica at the YMCA on the upper west side of Manhattan. That's where I started experimenting with brushes. I used mason stains on top of the majolica glaze and fired in an electric kiln for 3 years! I didn't paint vines and flowers then, but mostly spirals cleverly disguised as tightly painted concentric circles. The marks I painted were more like grooves in a record. Then I would use other colors to make big Abndersen-like leaf hapes, sort of floating in this field of lines. I'll try to find a slide that I may have kicking around to show you, someday. [right, if I had a nickel for every time I've read that kind of staement in other blogs...]
Well, the coffee's gone and I wired for more work on the new shop. It's a beautiful day, again, and I hope it is for you as well. Thanks Stan for your great pottery and thanks to you, readers for checking in.