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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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The Best of Sawdust and Dirt

A record of the goings on around Michael Kline Pottery!

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Falling and Painting Walls

Michael Kline

wearing my brand new Ron Philbeck T.

I spent yesterday afternoon painting a couple of the gallery walls at Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville in prep for Stacey and my show that is hopefully all set up as of today. [that's one sentence y'all]

The wall was covered in red dirt clay from my field, but only after I tripped over some short black pedestals just inside the back door entrance to the gallery and spewed my clay ALL over the display along those walls. As I came tumbling down the clay went flying and I ended up with a welt the size of Texas on my shin. Not a good way to start a day. The irony was that as I set to spreading the remaining clay on the wall inside our gallery, David, John, and Deb cleaned the floor, the walls, the ceiling, and all the pots out in the hallway. [You'll be happy to know that no pots were broken during my Chevy Chase moment.]

I'm back at it with the red dirt this morning, making jars and pitchers. Last wet day is Saturday, also the day of the reception at CLG. Hope you can make it and see the completed walls in all of their snake-ified, bird-ified, and moth-ified glory!

(Oh, and the pots and jewelry, too!)

Weary But Well

Michael Kline

Alas, I return with good tiding of comfort and joy. Tis the season of eggnog, quite possibly my favorite beverage, next to bourbon. They go well together, too! The wood stove is crackling, the kids hum Christmas carols as they lolligag around the house on another snow day from school, and I just listed a few more pots to replace the ones that sold today at Stacey and I's annual Online Christmas sale!

It's been a dizzying two days behind the camera and the computer to put all of this together. But now I can sit back with a cold one and pray that I have enough packing material to ship all of these orders out in the morning!

You know, being a potter these days doesn't just mean getting behind the wheel. It also means getting behind the tripod and clicking away pictures to use in an email campaign. It means knowing a little about photoshop and and little about spreadsheets. It's a whole lotta stuff I didn't learn in school. Maybe these days they are teaching student-potters how to do this stuff to stay above the waterline!

Anyway, I just wanted to check in and say that all is well on Snow Creek Rd. The chickens are all cozied up in their new chicken condo that John and I finished last week. The wind howls outside and the roads are icy. But the shop is open 24/7. Stacey and I have some great stuff for sale. click on the "shop" tab above to check some of the listings. [clicking the images will take you to ETSY.]

Time to make my rounds and check on the animals before I call it a day. Tomorrow it's shipping day! I bid you a good night!

Girls, Dogs, and Rainy Days

Michael Kline

Stacey and I were both home working yesterday and it was nice to know we were both doing what we love. Here is my lady and our dog Jack, enjoying some blurry quality time in Stacey's jewelry shop.
Stacey is working on some new pieces for the fall and upcoming shows, including our annual Holiday sale in December. The above are special red wax models that will be "sprued" together and cast in either 18k gold or sterling silver. Notice that some have stones already set into the wax. The wax will melt out during a burnout phase in Stacey's little kiln and the stones will hopefully remain in place in the plaster/silica mold! Pretty cool. See more of my love's work here.

I thought this finished piece was particularly interesting. It's part of a set of cast Sterling "toothpicks" or small skewers you might want to use in a Martini, say! They are some of the most interesting toothpicks you will find!

Meanwhile up on the hill, I attached lots of little tiny handles to my 1# jars and threw some bottles and such, trimmed some rolled rim bowls, and did some incising which I talked about earlier in the day. I used some orange sumi-e ink that I had lying around to map out the carving. I learned that trick from this blog, and I think Ron uses tempera to paint on the patterns??
Tomorrow I hope this clay will be stiff enough to throw some big pots. This week is going to be crucial in making enough pottery to fill the kiln. If I have a couple dozen larger pots it will make the kiln less vacant. But it will also be important to enough table ware in there as well. I have two shows that I'll be doing in October. I'll tell you about them soon. It's late and I'm heading quickly to my pillow.

But before I sign off, I wanted to ask you all to try the comment system and help me work out some bugs. I changed some settings yesterday to helpfully deal with continued problems with Disqus. If you could take a moment and say Hi, so that we can see if it works better, that would be great. I'm sorry that this issue keeps coming up. If it's doesn't work, I'm prepared to switch back to blogger/google's commenting system which seems to be more reliable.

Thanks for taking the time to read and follow my tribulations, and hope that you will continue to swing on by.

DC Home Sale

Michael Kline

Jewelry and Pottery Sale

at the home of Paige and John Kevill

Please drop in and join us for light
hors d'oeuvres and to see the recent work
Stacey Lane, studio jeweler
Michael Kline Pottery

Saturday, April 18th 2 to 6pm

5146 Palisade Lane NW
Washington, DC

Directions: Palisade Lane is just above MacArthur Boulevard, off Loughboro Road at the intersection of Loughboro and Dalecarlia Parkway, right by Sibley Hospital

Stacey and I will be hosted by our friends Paige and John Kevill for a little-bitty, super-fun pottery-jewelry show or sale in our Nation's Capital this Saturday!! [Sorry I didn't manage to announce it before now. I've been busy engineering, after all.]

Here is the pdf that you can download for your hard drive or your car drive over to the show.

What, you can't come? You live too far away? Nonsense. With air travel so quick and cheap!??

Well, OK, if you can make it we would love to see you, meet you, and share some good times with you.

Stacey Lane In Metalsmith Magazine

Michael Kline

Stacey in action in her studio

My wife Stacey is in Metalsmith Magazine's current issue! She's mentioned in an article titled "Seeing Green: Towards Sustainable Jewelry Practices". You can only read the article by getting your own copy at newsstands or subscription.

Not on the cover, but inside the new issue! is an excerpt just for you!

from the article:

Stacey Lane's playful and lyrical castings are made from recycled metal, though this fact does not inform the work aesthetically. Before ethically sourced metal was available, Lane created a green framework of her own: she returned metal to the system, in the form of scrap, to equal or exceed the amount she was purchasing, thus offsetting her mining footprint. Today Lane only uses ethically sourced metal, and strived to find etically sourced gems. [Muenster] and Lane are among the first studio jewelers to choose ethically sourced material not as a personal exploration, a gimmick, or a passing fad, but because it is simply the right thing to do for the profession, for their consumers, and for the earth.

One of Stacey's work benches.
This is where she works her wax models.
That's what the red stuff is.

But How Does She Stay So Clean?

Michael Kline

Stacey Lane, potter?

I found Stacey sneaking up to the shop early this morning to work on her pots. If I'd known she could turn like this I'd a handed over my Shimpo a long time ago. Why didn't she just ask?

Actually, Stacey helped set up the shot for my 2009 Mill Creek Baseball Card! This year's set will benefit The Studio Potter magazine. I'll fill you in on the details as we get closer to the unveiling of the whole set, which will be available at NCECA in Phoenix, AZ.

I hope Stacey won't hesitate to come up to the shop for more collaborations, wink, wink, nod, nod, say no more!


Sunday Sale Results

Michael Kline

We had a gorgeous day and plenty of light to see our wares, but just a trickle of customers. Boo Hoooo. But later in the afternoon I snapped the above picture of a crowd of pottery lovers looking over "the work"! Actually we had a fun afternoon with friends and neighbors coming over to share some ginger cookies and cider and that's always fun.

We closed the shop at 5:15 after a nice visit from Mars Hill, NC potters Mary Mikkelsen and Henry Pope, whom I've never met before today. It was nice to see and have time to talk with everyone this weekend. Now the studio is officially on the map and folks know where to find me. Tomorrow I'm back to working on the shop and "punching" out all the stuff I need to do before my final inspection and hopefully my C.O. (certificate of occupancy). Hope you will check in and say hi sometime and I can continue to fill you in on the latest here at the pottery.

Below is a picture of some of the pendants that Stacey made for the sale. Do you have a spare link on your charm bracelet? They are pretty nice I think.

Stacey Lane: Studio Jewelry

Michael Kline

I wanted to announce the official opening of Stacey Lane's web site, Not only is Stacey the mother of my lovely children and my ever patient and supportive wife, she is also a most talented artist. Stacey's new web site features production jewelry as well as one-of-a-kind cast gold and silver brooches, rings, and necklaces. Stacey also has some interesting new pieces here. I hope you will take time to check it out and maybe even find something you simply can't live without. You can purchase work with Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal through a secure PayPal link. (Hopefully some of the profits will be diverted to help me finish my new shop! Thanks, honey!)