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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Bandana Pottery Goes to Korea

Michael Kline

Michael Hunt and Naomi Dalglish have safely landed in South Korea and have begun blogging about their bus man's holiday travel and work with Mr Oh Hyang Jong in Gwangju, South Korea. I hope you'll read about their experience as it unfolds in their blog. You can find it here!

And while I'm plugging potter's blogs, make sure you read Catherine White's new "Solstice" series. Really great stuff.

Show at Pucker Gallery

Michael Kline

I received a fabulous catalog in the mail from the fine folks at the Pucker Gallery on Newbury Street in Boston. "It is I" is the title of a show soon to open with recent pottery by Mr. Kang Hyo Lee. You can download a pdf version of the catalog here, click on the image of the white jar. The pots have a well handled feel to them. The slip, incising, and motifs on the pots are painterly and suit the forms well. I love these pots! I just wish I could go see them in Boston.

I spoke with Naomi Dalglish yesterday and we talked about the Lee catalogue of pots. She told me that she and her husband Michael Hunt are going to blog while they travel in South Korea next month. I will certainly let you know about that when it happens. Michael spent 6 months in Korea working with Mr. Oh Hyang Jong to learn Onggi techniques. Blogging, traveling, and potting. What could be finer?