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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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The Best of Sawdust and Dirt

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Soaking Wet

Michael Kline

Every day I try to go through at least one box and cull the junk that lies within. Stuff that I have moved around too many times. Today I found a plastic tote box outside in the slow falling rain that had a big crack in the top of the lid! Damn! All of a sudden I was in crisis mode. I found one of my favorite books, A Sense of Order, by EH Gombrich, with a bunch of pages stuck together, soaking. Damn! So I sprang into action to save it. Also in the bottom soaking were a folio of B/W photos I had printed from my photography days in college. I spread as many as I could out on ware boards to dry. Those I wasn't worried about so much. I just peeled what I could apart and soaked down the rest for later separation. They just need to be pressed flat from their "curled up on ware boards" state. (I'll go and visit Dan Estabrook who's teaching up at Penland, and see if he can help! :-) )

All this to say that I had but a meager pottery output today. But I had couple of good kicks on the treadle wheel and thought it a more than enjoyable experience. Quality over quantity.
The difference in the kick wheel and the old Shimpo is all in the breathing and rhythym. The treadle requires a little more coordination and focus. It's really best for smaller pots, under 4lbs. The old Shimpo has a bit more power and I use it mostly for speed, when I'm in a hurry, and larger sized pots, but it's loud. So for now I'm making smaller pots and enjoying the treadle kick wheel.

Until next time...

[Sleepy time]

Small Talk

Michael Kline

Just when I thought it was safe to just get my circa 1970 Shimpo Scream™ spinning today, I find myself putting a material list ready for my man Buck who is coming over to wire, kiln, mixer, and pug mill. Just when I finished reclaiming/mixing about 500 lbs of clay! Damn™. But I'll really be glad to have the pug mill running again. The circa 1967(?) Paoli mixer pugger will get wired just in time to mix a new batch of clay, too. A potter's got to have clay! The drying rack is filling up with pots ready for a bisque so I've got to move the kiln off the front porch. All of these things will help with efficiency in the work shop. Besides more time™ in the day, I really need some serious streamlining™.

The rain today is a reminder of equipment that sits out in the rain needing tarps, muddy places that need gravel, a kiln shed that's full of leaves and other items of winter's blowing winds. All of this and blogging, too! A potter's life is never idle, no time to sit under the shade tree.