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Spruce Pine Bound

Michael Kline

stoke on trent, 1952

Thanks to everyone who chimed in on the previous post. It's always good to hear what you have to say! The show in Asheville is actually doing pretty well despite my whining and gnashing of teeth. Pots are selling! See some of the work that's been listed on-line, here.

And now it's the barge I load as I will be hauling my ballast to the Spruce Pine Potters Market for this weekend's annual star studded pottery show. Actually Spruce Pine is just 15 minutes away, and the "barge" is actually my old Ford truck. But aren't barge and ballast better images for my crockery? I've saved some good one's for this show. I'll post a preview tomorrow after John and I get them all set up pretty. There are plenty of jugs, jars, mugs, and plates, for you to come and haul way in your own sport utility pottery barge!

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More later.