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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Plaster, Videos, and Ireland

Michael Kline

This week has flown by, as it does. Wednesday Kenny Sedberry and I went out with the video cam and filmed four of our  POTR guild. We started out at Bandana Pottery, where Naomi Dalglish made a cake plate, and Michael Hunt deco'd some plates and threw cups off the hump.

Kenny and I tried our hands on Michael's stick propelled wheel.

Next we headed over Stan Andersen's studio on Water Street. Stan had many great stories which we captured on video, but we had to scramble to charge the batteries during our lunch break! One of the videos is Stan outlining the fascinating history of majolica-ware! I may post that one here next week. 

After lunch we went to David Ross's place over on Snow Creek Rd. where David made a huge slab platter. We're making the videos to document our guild and will begin releasing them in April on our Facebook page.

I made new reclaim bats this week. They are 22" x 22" x 2". Of the 4 I made in 1998, 2 are left and are chipping and flaking. Besides I need 4 to reclaim my barrel. I am well aware of the economics debate that I've had before about whether or not to reclaim. But its not always about economics for me, although my bank account would beg to differ.

One more thing: Don't miss my buddy, Shawn Ireland's show at AKAR that went live this morning!
He's got some beautiful pots there! Get them while they are still available!

Shawn Ireland, carousel candlestick, courtesy:AKAR design


Michael Kline

Hello folks, I'm currently juggling slide presentations, video editing of some upcoming POTR videos,
writing  programs for upcoming workshops, and trying to slowly get some pots made for the March firing. Maybe this is the new reality for a potter? At least it is for me.

Do YOU find yourself and your life filled to the gills with stuff to do?

Epiphany: After being ridden to my bed last week with the flu, I have come out on the other side with a fresh outlook and a new vigor to get  more focussed on the work to be done in and around the studio. It's a little early for spring cleaning, but I have decided to get outside for a little while any day that it was not raining or stormy, to work on the grounds, get some vitamin D, and make studio/kiln the beautiful destination it is for my visitors. 

combed kaolin slip
Get outside when you can and take a deep breath of air. 

What Day is it Anyway?

Michael Kline

It's been crazy with the school closings around here this winter and it's wreaking havoc on the ole schedule. Stacey tells me that we've had been over 60" here in Mitchell County so far this season and the kids have had only 5 full days of school since the Christmas break! Yikes. Sounds like the old days when kids walked 5 miles to school. Maybe they'll have to re-instate that policy so these kids can have a summer break!

Why am I not making pots? you might ask...Well I needed a snack and I wanted to check in with the blogs . Here is a picture of some batter bowls that I explored last night. It's been several years since I made any batter bowls. (Possibly since I was a resident at Penland 9-10 years ago.) Where does the time go? Too long without batter bowls. It's not that we haven't been regular pancake and maple syrup eaters during that time. But I've been exploring the crockery / large jar forms and haven't made a lot of tableware kitchen pots. Maybe I'm getting back to being a kitchen table potter, instead of a pedestal potter. I've always been best at the smaller pots. After my accident in '05 I couldn't make a lot of tableware and worked mostly on tooled pots. Now that my fingertips are nimble, again, I'm enjoying the finer points of tableware.

Thanks for the comments several of you sent in about the audio experiment. I admit the recording wasn't appropriate without pictures and it was perhaps hard to follow without pictures, so I've added a few. I mostly wanted to see how the software worked and where and how the "feed" bounced around. Several years ago, my friend Matt Pogatchnik lent me his MD recorder that I hoped to use to record interviews. The device works great but the interface with the computer was awkward and time consuming. I now have an iPod touch which has a great recording program built in and I will be using that to do the interviews.

Do you have a favorite Potter of the Roan or other Penland area potter you would like to ask a question? Let me know and it might show up here someday as a podcast.

Are you getting your 12 made? OK, how 'bout 6?

Have a good.....Tuesday?



Michael Kline

Today I shipped the last of the etsy sale pots. Have no fear, there are still some pots left on the shelf to buy if you want.

I also tried to get ready for the big snow storm we're expected to have tomorrow. Unfortunately my snow blower sits out by the shed rusting and not running. Oh well. Guess we'll just sled around if, in fact we get the white stuff. I can't tell you how bad the weather service here is at getting accumulation right. They call for 10 inches and we might get 2. At any rate, the wood is stacked and ready to warm the Snow Creek bobsled team when they come in from the cold.

If you purchase pots at my Etsy shop I'll do my best to get it in the mail by tomorrow evening. Not to worry, I've had 10 years experience driving in the snow and ice of Massachusetts!

The sale will continue through December, tell a friend, K?

In other exciting news, my guild, the Potters of the Roan will convene with our rival potters guild, the Penland Potters, tomorrow night for our annual Christmas party and karaoke face off. I'll try to get some video so you can see how our potters can belt out those tunes. Any requests?

Craft in America/Pottery and Ice Cream in NC

Michael Kline

The Potters of the the Roan are excited to announce that on Wednesday, October 7, at 8pm, an episode of the Peabody Award winning series, “Craft in America,” entitled “Origins,” featuring Jugtown Pottery owners Vernon and Pam Owens, and Mark Hewitt’s Pottery in Pittsboro, will be broadcast nationwide on PBS-TV. Both Pam Owens and Mark Hewitt are on the Board of the North Carolina Pottery Center!

Please join us for ice cream and fellowship at 7:30pm to support the NC Pottery Center and watch this excellent Craft in America episode at 8:00 pm. The program will show the nation the continuing importance of North Carolina’s role in shaping the ceramic heritage of America.

Donations are most welcome and go toward continuing the Pottery Center's commitment to our state's ceramic heritage. All donations of $20 or more include a NCPC membership which includes free admission to the center, quarterly newsletters, and notice of on-going pottery exhibits and events. Suggested levels of giving include: $20 for potters, $35 for individuals, and $50 for families.

There will be pottery door prizes for those donating at the $50 level courtesy of The Potters of the Roan and the Penland Potters.

If you think you will attend please RSVP by doing so in the comments!!
Thank You!

Liz Summerfield Benefit

Michael Kline

I wanted to let everyone know about an upcoming event to benefit my friend and fellow "potter of the Roan", Liz Summerfield .
from Lindsay Roger's web site,

I am writing to announce a benefit auction to assist my friend, and fellow ceramic artist, Liz Zlot Summerfield. In April of this year Liz was diagnosed with a type of cancer called non-hodgkins Lymphoma. When she got the news of her cancer all studio work for Liz and her husband, glass blower Scott Summerfield, stopped. For most artists a halt to work, combined with illness and bills, is a hardship too large to manage alone. Like most plans, our ideas for this benefit started out small and have since bloomed in to something that I believe will be a wonderful, fun and supportive event. With all that said, there are several ways that you can participate!

1) Attend the live auction at Penland or visit the online sale as a buyer!

The live auction is August 16th in the Northlight Building at Penland School of Crafts. Doors will open at 1:00pm at which point there will be light refreshments, Bandana Klezmer will provide fabulous entertainment and visitors will have a chance to take a good look at the work available in the live and silent auctions. The live auction of work will begin at 2:00pm and is expected to last around an hour or so. At the end of the auction visitors can pick up and pay for their pieces knowing that 100% of the proceeds will go to helping Liz, Scott and their young daughter, Roby, get through this really hard time.

The online sale will be held on and will begin September 1st. I will post more information about the online auction (including the web address) as we get closer to the date.

2) You can make a monetary donation to a PayPal account created for Liz's benefit.
By clicking on the donate button to the right/above, you can be assured that all donations will go quickly, safely and directly to Liz.

---Lindsay Rogers

I hope you will be able to come to the auction at Penland, or buy donated art on Etsy, or give any amount by clicking on the button to the right! Thanks so very much.

new Potters Of The Roan web site

Michael Kline

screen shot of my page at the POTR website

Being a new member of the Potters of the Roan, I'm excited to see the new website up and running. Here's the link. Our new brochure will also be published soon and I will make sure you get one if I have your mailing address. Send me an email with your mailing address to michael[at]klinepottery[dot]com if you aren't already on my mailing list. One of these days I will put a mailing list sign up form here...