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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Crunch Time

Michael Kline

not a knob

[disclaimer: If this post seems kind of random, it is!]

Too many things are going on here at the same time. Maybe only in my mind, but blogging has taken a backseat to my daily tasks. And just like a backseat driver, it keeps barking at me to write, to post, to edit and share. With the usual rush to the finish, there are less opportunities to stop and reflect. I thought I would heed the backseat and post a few pictures that may allude to what's going on around here with the risk of completely under-reporting.

Earlier this week I made my travel plans to Tampa and the NCECA conference, where Simon Levin, Mark Shapiro , and I will be reporting on lectures, demos, etc. I don't know what it is, but I cannot seem to either, make up my mind, or make good decisions when it comes to these kinds of online transactions, so thank you Stacey for handling this for me!

In the midst of last minute throwing in prep for my upcoming wood firing, I headed up to Penland to watch the amazing potters from Jingdezhen, China who are on tour after their demos at this years NC Pottery Conference in Asheboro. They were all pretty amazing in their individual skills. Unlike our potters, here, these folks do only one task, i.e. throwing, trimming, under glaze painter, enamel painter, hand builder. And they do it masterfully. I wish I had more time to show some of the videos I shot, but...someday in my dreams I'll be able to edit and share!

I'm mostly throwing my home clay and Highwater's Zellastone. I'm making tankards, mugs, cereal bowls, jars(large and small). The table and shelves are filled up with pots covered in plastic, waiting for a moment of attention, a handle or two, a dip in some slip. They are all so patient! More pots to throw today, then I really have to call it quits. Otherwise there will be a big crashing sound and a burning smell! We don't want that!

random picture of pastoral calm

I have a contest in the wings for Saturday, and will post more pics of the goings on in the shop in the coming days. So see you then!

Visiting with Brad

Michael Kline

I just had to snap this picture of Brad "Jingdezhen" Lail as he was telling me about his travels. He is holding a book ("Slipware From the Collections..." ISBN 978-0-7136-7820-8) that Doug Fitch gave him while Brad was studying in England last summer. He had lots of books and pictures and stories to tell. It was great to meet him after reading his blog. I've got to get that book!

Speaking of books I just received Gail Nichols' book, "Soda, Clay, and Fire" from my potter-blogger buddy from GA, Judy Shreve. Thanks Judy!!! Just the brief skimming through the book has got me excited to ready more!