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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Juicy Bowl @ Ferrin Show

Michael Kline

Here is one of my faves from the firing. It's a serving bowl painted with black under glaze and a great example of the exponential power of wood firing and salt glaze. Although the pot is glazed, not sure, either amber, alkaline, or tenmoku, and then put to the test of fire and atmosphere, completely transforming the painting, the throwing, and everything else I might have intended. The result greater than the parts. Another provident result is the runniness of the glaze without the loss of the brushwork. Yummy. This pot is from the current solo show at Ferrin. You can see the show online here.

Ferrin Gallery Preview

Michael Kline

White Flat Platter with Gear Rim, 2009
dia. 13"

Leslie Ferrin has been a tremendous supporter over the years. I have had solo shows with her about every two years, going back as far as 1993 when Leslie was showing teapots and potters at Pinch Pottery, in Northampton, MA. It was great to unpack pots with Donald Clark as we have done before so many times before. I hope you will get a chance to go to the opening of the show on Saturday evening for me. Unfortunately I couldn't stay for the opening. I have a wedding to go to this weekend. [My fellow Snow Creek potter, Courtney Martin and glassblower, John Geci are tying the knot and I wouldn't miss it for the world.]

Leslie has put the show online and I hope you will go there to see the pots and contact the gallery if you see one (or two, or three) that you just must have. I'm sure they will be happy to wrap it up and send it your way! Here is the link to the pots at Leslie's.

10 gallon jar, 2009
h. 16"

Got Pics?

Michael Kline

green and amber glazes
ladled/poured over wax resist pattern

tea cup w/tenmoku

painted by Lillian!
tenmoku test

Just when you thought it was safe to catch up on all of the other blogs you've been putting off so that you can look at more pictures of pots from the most recent firing, (not), here are a couple more.

It's time to pack up the Subaru and head N. I hope to hit the road after lunch and drive up I-81 to PA tonight!


Michael Kline

I wanted to welcome any folks who are coming from the Ferrin Gallery announcement!


Here is a brief tour of my shop as it appears today:

the steps leading to the shop

Charba snake and leaves from the citrus tree

[Happy birthday Aaron!]

clay drying in humps on the wedging table

music station

coffee station

electric kiln station

But you are asking, "where are the pots!"
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Follow Up and Apologies

Michael Kline

I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner and not posting for several hours now. ["Geez, slacker", you might say.] But here is the result of the the suggestions I recieved from Kyle, Jerry, and Brandon. As you can see I took the majority advice and stuck with one handle. Sippy cup kept ringing in my ears! I did take liberties, though, of applying the handle on the left, as you can plainly see. I think it's only fair to give those lefties their due.


cups on the top row are for the ambidextrous,
the row below are clearly for the right brained.

Ok, here is the rack with big breakfast cups that I handled after supper. The amber glazed cup at the right is the prototype. These should hold, when fired, a tall grande latte from your neighborhood barista.

There you have it. Tomorrow is another day and another month. Lillian will turn 5 in four days. I will get to some brushwork real soon. The bisque kiln is still rolling and I will most likely have a few pots that will have to be raw glazed.

Did I mention that this firing is primarily for my solo show at Leslie Ferrin Gallery in Pittsfield, MA ? More on my history with the Ferrin Gallery soon and other cool stuff. Nighty night.

Penland Gallery Pot

Michael Kline

one side of a 3 gallon jar
h. 13"

Kathryn Gremley invited me to be part of a show representing the Penland Gallery at the Sparta Teapot Museum. I'll try to get the specifics of the show and pass them on to you all, soon. But for now some informal pictures of the piece I sent. If you click on the image(s) you can see more details, like the incised eagle/hawk that I copied from one of Lillian's school assignments. The incising is done while the clay is leatherhard. The vine patterns are painted on the pot after it has been bisque-fired. With the last series that I did I tried to incorporate the incised patterns instead of obscuring them with brushwork. It's a tricky proposition, but one I find interesting, of course. More to come soon. I'm getting ready for a big show at the Ferrin Gallery and I will trying all kinds of new stuff! So stay tuned!

the other side

Emmett Leader at Ferrin Gallery

Michael Kline

Please go to Leslie Ferrin's web site and see my good friend Emmett Leader's installation. Or better yet, get over to Pittsfield to see for yourself if you can. It will be up until November 8th.

An excerpt:
The exhibit explores the celebration of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot on a personal and traditional level. The center piece will be a 6ft x 10ft sukkah, a temporary dwelling used during the holiday that has its ancient origins in the temporary shelters used during harvest time and in the forty years of wandering in the desert. The spirit of sukkot is at once celebratory as well as a time to reflect on our vulnerability-- using clay, wood, found objects and archival materials, the exhibit includes a wide range of objects, narratives and spaces that through their intimacy, function and beauty invite participation.