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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Michael Kline

I painted a few paper plates that went out to some of my star customers from last week's Etsy Sale.

It's a great way to keep the brushes limber while there aren't any pots to paint. I hope to take this technique on the road to my upcoming workshops in NYC and CT. More on those soon.

Want a plate? Buy a pot!

Today I start making pots. Film at 11.

Guess who?

Weary But Well

Michael Kline

Alas, I return with good tiding of comfort and joy. Tis the season of eggnog, quite possibly my favorite beverage, next to bourbon. They go well together, too! The wood stove is crackling, the kids hum Christmas carols as they lolligag around the house on another snow day from school, and I just listed a few more pots to replace the ones that sold today at Stacey and I's annual Online Christmas sale!

It's been a dizzying two days behind the camera and the computer to put all of this together. But now I can sit back with a cold one and pray that I have enough packing material to ship all of these orders out in the morning!

You know, being a potter these days doesn't just mean getting behind the wheel. It also means getting behind the tripod and clicking away pictures to use in an email campaign. It means knowing a little about photoshop and and little about spreadsheets. It's a whole lotta stuff I didn't learn in school. Maybe these days they are teaching student-potters how to do this stuff to stay above the waterline!

Anyway, I just wanted to check in and say that all is well on Snow Creek Rd. The chickens are all cozied up in their new chicken condo that John and I finished last week. The wind howls outside and the roads are icy. But the shop is open 24/7. Stacey and I have some great stuff for sale. click on the "shop" tab above to check some of the listings. [clicking the images will take you to ETSY.]

Time to make my rounds and check on the animals before I call it a day. Tomorrow it's shipping day! I bid you a good night!

Michael Kline

babe, bunny, and beer

The studio tour weekend is over and it's time for a beer! Stacey claimed this "eine Kline bier stein" and we're so grateful to all of our fierce pottery fans who support us year after year, come snow or come shine. Thank you also to all of our new customers! We hope to see everyone again next year!

As for what's left, we'll be announcing the time and date of our Etsy sale tomorrow. So if you weren't able to make it this weekend you'll get a chance to shop for some of our pottery and jewelry next week! We'll let you know!

Check here at ye olde blogge or text "pottery" to 70259 to sign up for our mailing list.

Thanks again folks!

The Sale is ON!

Michael Kline

Probably the last of the shameless plugs of today's Etsy Sale. I've been busy already handling the orders as they come in. Thanks to all of the early birds!!

But just in case you haven't heard about the sale...You can click from the above thumbs or check it out at other times on my Sales Page!


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Michael Kline

new work
by Liz Zlot Summerfield
at Crimson Laurel Gallery
in Bakersville, NC

A few reasons to run for the hills this weekend. Western North Carolina Hills, that is, mountain streams, potter's studios!
  1. pick up pots that you buy from me online on this Friday and get your shipping/handling refunded! ;-)
  2. Soda Chicks Annual Sale!
  3. See an exhibit at the Crimson Laurel Gallery of brand new work by fellow Bakersville potter Liz Zlot Summerfield. The opening reception for Liz is this Saturday night. The work is completely new and is the first that Liz has done since her recent illness. Bravo Liz!!
Come see us.

Only on Etsy, This Friday!

Michael Kline


More shameless promotion of this coming Friday's ETSY sale!! Here are some more exclusive previews for ya! One of these is not like the others! And the others are just in time for the Labor Day weekend...wink, wink, nod, nod! Tune in on Friday morning for the fun! Tell your friends by using one of the "share" buttons after this post!!

Labor Day-End-of-Summer- Pottery-Blowout

Michael Kline

Announcing the End-of-the-Summer Online Pottery Blowout SALE at the Kline Pottery Etsy Store this Friday morning at 10:30 a.m. EST! Kick off the Labor Day weekend by clearing the shelves here at the pottery! Great end of the summer prices and sweet pots for your home! Here is a sneak peek at some of the pots that will be in that sale.

Bookmark my Etsy storefront page. Sales of the pots happen very quickly and I wouldn't want you to miss out.

Silence is Golden

Michael Kline

Lillian at the Friday evening preview. The light was so amazing!

Dear reader,
I hope you haven't worried! I've been quiet here for a while, just been lazing around doing yard work and enjoying some beautiful springtime weather! Not much pottery news. Can't recall where I left off...

Oh yea, I fired my kiln and unloaded it and then sold a bunch of it!

I had a great kiln opening! Almost the first of its kind here in Mitchell Co. There wasn't a need for a rope to keep the crowds back, but we had a pretty good turnout for a cold and windy spring weekend! The pots from the firing were laid out in the freshly mowed grass above the studio by Frank Lortscher and myself. It was a very sunny day(and weekend) and a pot never looks better than in the bright sunshine.

Here are a few pictures from the kiln opening:

some local experts scrutinizing the wares

where to park? not a problem

another satisfied customer

The next kiln opening is penciled in for Labor Day weekend. I'll let you know when we seal the date.

I've been thinking about you all and catching up on your blogs (if you have one), although it seems almost impossible to read them all! How did we get here? So many pottery blogs, so little time.

There are pots to pack and ship. There's an Etsy kiln opening coming up very soon. The cousin in clay are gathering for a family reunion in June! I'd better get busy! I'll see you soon with another update.

Save Big $$$ By Signing Up To My Mailing List!

Michael Kline

my new e mail buddy

I have a new email service to communicate with folks who either can't keep up with the blog, or aren't on Facebook. I'll announce any show or sale I'm having and share any important news from the pottery. With a bit of luck and careful planning I hope to send out a monthly newsletter.

If you haven't received my newsletter or email updates yet, you probably aren't signed up on my current email list. Some folks who signed up over the summer and fall were accidentally lost when my master list got corrupted! (don't ask me how that happened) I'm so sorry.

Here's how I plan on giving back to all of you who sign up. When you sign up you'll not only get announcements via email, but you will also receive a coupon!! that will entitle you to a discount at my Etsy site or here at the studio if you come by for a visit! Those of y'all that are already signed up will get a coupon as well!

So, go to my sign up page and save big $$$ on pottery!

If you want to receive regular mail, real, in-your-hand post cards announcements, you can do that on the email sign up page as well. Just fill in the whole form with your mailing address and zip code.

If you get enough information just by reading the blog and don't want a deal on pottery, that's fine, too.

As always, thanks for reading!


Michael Kline

Today I shipped the last of the etsy sale pots. Have no fear, there are still some pots left on the shelf to buy if you want.

I also tried to get ready for the big snow storm we're expected to have tomorrow. Unfortunately my snow blower sits out by the shed rusting and not running. Oh well. Guess we'll just sled around if, in fact we get the white stuff. I can't tell you how bad the weather service here is at getting accumulation right. They call for 10 inches and we might get 2. At any rate, the wood is stacked and ready to warm the Snow Creek bobsled team when they come in from the cold.

If you purchase pots at my Etsy shop I'll do my best to get it in the mail by tomorrow evening. Not to worry, I've had 10 years experience driving in the snow and ice of Massachusetts!

The sale will continue through December, tell a friend, K?

In other exciting news, my guild, the Potters of the Roan will convene with our rival potters guild, the Penland Potters, tomorrow night for our annual Christmas party and karaoke face off. I'll try to get some video so you can see how our potters can belt out those tunes. Any requests?

Pots Still Available

Michael Kline

Here are a few pots still available after today's opening.
If you purchase pots before the 18th I will most likely be able to get them to you by the 25th!

Etsy Sale

Michael Kline

We're off to a good start!

I'm getting the orders packed so I can get them on
the priority sled that leaves this afternoon!
Still plenty of pots left to buy.
Thanks everyone!


Michael Kline

Christmas colors
this little gem will be in the sale

The "Better Late Than Never" Etsy Sale will begin tomorrow at Noon EST. I have over 30 pieces that I've put aside from the 33rd firing of the kiln. There will be some nice gifts there and if purchaseded by Friday will be delivered by Christmas.


Michael Kline

basketball activated glaze fountain!

Well, not much of a contest. No prize. If you had looked at the pictures on Tom's page you would have probably seen the picture above. I'm feeling rather dull these from these rainy mountain days, I guess. Also after looking at all of the pics I have taken for the upcoming Etsy sale!

here's a sneak peek pic

Check back to find out when it's happening. Hint: it's going to be very soon.