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Michael Kline

Diana Fayt is teaching an awesome course on designing/creating dynamic ceramics surfaces. It's all online, so no matter where you are in the world you can have exclusive access to her course material!

 From Diana's course introduction:
The course will run for six weeks from September 23rd to October 21st, 2013. During the six weeks we will cover various surface applications on clay such as: mishima inlay, monoprinting on clay, carving and printing with your own block prints. We will explore using unusual objects as printing tools as well as learn how to use other clay drawing media.

Here are some testimonials;

“I also don't know how to thank you enough for this course. It's opened some very big doors for me, doors I didn't even know were there. At times I felt as if someone were tickling me, sometimes to that point where it seems like too much but you don't want them to stop. Thank you for sharing so much of your amazing process with us but also for sharing so much of yourself. I think this has a lot to do with the success of the course. The best workshops I've taken are with people with big, generous personalities. This workshop is the best of the best.”

“This course was absolutely wonderful.  It will take me a LONG time to come near mastering these techniques but they will be fun to work on.  The student work was at SUCH a high level, and the enthusiasm generated infectious.”

“A lot of inspiring ideas and some very helpful tips without having to leave home.”

"Thank you, Diana for sharing your talents with us! This was a great class, packed full of wonderful creative ideas I had no idea about, so I feel very blessed. I was also pleasantly surprised after signing up with how much of yourself you gave during the class--I guess I expected just the demo videos--but you gave a ton of time and attention to us, and I totally ate it up. I will sign up for ANY online class you teach!"

" I thoroughly enjoyed your e-course and learned all the surface decoration techniques I have been wanting to learn about. I think taking an online course is better in many ways than attending a workshop. There are no travel expenses, plus you are right there in your studio so you can practice each technique as you learn it rather than observing a bunch of demos and then trying to remember it all once you get back to your studio. Great video demonstrations, Diana,and thanks for the extras such as Wednesday wonders to get the creative juices flowing"

"What a great class! I am going to be learning from your demos and projects for months."

***Sign up through this link and you will have unlimited access to the videos and course information throughout the duration of the e-course (September 24th thru October 21st) plus for two more months after the course ends until December 21st.***

Penland Ramble

Michael Kline

SO it's been a while since I spent several days at Penland firing the sinks. I've wanted to post some pictures from those times, that seem so long ago, now, but I've lacked the time and resources, until now. (and even now I should be loading a bisque and getting the pots made) But blogging and potting are two different sets of hands, one pair covered in slurry, another copying and pasting! It's a situation I find myself in more and more. When to blog, when to pot, when to be with family, when to walk the dog, etc. You get the picture. There is sort of an inverse outcome of actions at play here. More blogging/less potting. More potting/less blogging. Until I get an "administrative assistant" here wedging the clay or handling the photo processing, Blogging may be slow in the coming weeks, cause the potter must make pots!!

Blah, blah, blah, on with the Penland ramble and in the garbage with the whining ramble!

jocelyn, kenneth, and jana posing by the
hot kiln with sinks on one of the
hottest days of the summer!

two guys, two hands, two scars.
Zack Lopez (l), Adam Whitney (r)

product placement: obviously this potter is sponsored by MudTools!
who really needs this many ribs!

cute kiln loiterers!

cups from the kiln.
love the soda on the edges!

famous bay area artist visits!

new Penland guest house
(where my sink is installed,
more on that next week after the ribbon cutting!
party people at the guest house

pink o'clock at Penland

Mail Call

Michael Kline

I just received a handful of postcards for the show, "To Have and To Hold" at ArtSpace in Wisconsin! So I saw it as an opportunity to do a little decorating. I should just get some blank watercolor paper and go to some painting, but I always like paper that already has something on it. So many things in this life are just within our reach, like waving at someone we don't know or painting a little something on a letter. I'll try to use that thought later this morning when I get to work on some pots.

I only had 9 cards! But when I get more I'll send some more out. Wouldn't want to miss out on some painting practice!

Diana Fayt
orange dogwood bowl

Darnnit, I'm not on the front of the card! Oh well, I can't always be the center of attention. BoooHooo.


To Have & To Hold

Michael Kline

the exhibition "to have and to hold"
at ArtSpace gallery.
part of the j. michael kohler art center

Here are some pictures of the exhibit "To Have and To Hold" at the J. Michael Kohler ArtSpace Gallery. Thanks to Amy Chaloupka for sending the pictures of the show. It looks fantastic. I wish I could have gone to the opening, but Wisconsin seems so far away! Other exhibitors include my friend from the Asparagus Valley Potters Guild Francine Ozereko, as well as MN potter Jeff Oestreich, fellow blogger Diana Fayt, California research chemist and artist Katherine Dube, and NH potter Megan Bogonovich. Here is the link to the ArtSpace website with info on purchasing work from the show. If you live in the area check out the show for me.

The show will be up until April 5th. Link