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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Michael Kline

i need a stamp, too many roman numerals!

It's getting old, this non-stop beautiful weather. But I should't complain! So far, November has been very nice. No doubt when I do need some serious drying weather it will begin to rain.

how do you eat an elephant?
one bite at a time...

One of the many fronts I'm battling this Fall is catching up on our firewood. I bought two truck loads of logs last summer (when I should have cut them) and we have slowly been cutting and splitting. I decided that if the weather was good I would cut or split wood while I listened to the hour- long podcast of NPR's Fresh Air. It's a good increment of swinging the axe.

Somehow Lillian swiped this little hollow rimmed at the Spruce Pine show last month. I guess it's OK that they want my pots. I get to see them in action. It looked real nice with the tomato soup that the girls brewed up for brunch. But I'll have to go through our rapidly filling cupboards pile high with Klineware for the annual Holiday studio tour in December.

It's time to head back up to the studio for some after supper pottery making. Hope all had a great day, where ye are.

Cupboard Confidential

Michael Kline

Yes, there seems to be a lack of solid pottery content around here. I hear you. Readers are removing their following status left and right, the stats are way down, sponsors are pulling their advertising, boo hoo. What can this mean for the pottery bloggery? Stimulus package! Nothing really new, just a reshuffle! After all, I can't remember the last piece of pottery we've added to the collection?!

This morning as I emptied the dishwasher, I realized that except for a couple of small plates with partially eaten bagels, all of the dishes are "in the stack", so to speak. And since I'm desperate for 'content' I realized that it was time for another episode of "Cupboard Confidential". As I stacked up the clean pots and found a stable spot for them I realized that being on top isn't what it's cracked up to be. Sometimes you gotta stack according to size. We wouldn't want the little plates under the big ones, now would we. [There does seem to be some risky business happening in the cereal bowl department! not to mention a lot of teetering.] I'll have to figure out a way to have a contest here somehow. But everybody knows that Brandon will probably win...Have a lucky 13th!

Bonus material (pork):

Cupboard Confidential

Michael Kline

For the lack of content I have to reach into some themed posts and update the theme. Here is today's cupboard. Who's on top?

In the monkey dish pile, far left, I guess I'm on top since I'm the only one in the cabinet that qualifies. In the bowls category, looks like Ron is still on top after several months. Also the Gloria Kosco is winning over some Hello Kitty bowls. Looks like the contest in the plates section has been "stacked". We'll have to go to Price-Waterhouse for an official audit next time the dishwasher gets unloaded.

We have had some casualties this go around. I broke a nice little shino glazed teacup (maker unknown) that has been in the cabinet ever since I can remember, and that nice covered mug from Marty Fielding bit the pavement the other day when I got out of my truck in downtown Spruce Pine. Damn. Oh well. They say that the only reason potters stay in business is the breakage of their product. Well, I guess that's true to some extent.

Coffee Break vol. #4

Michael Kline

Once again a little cup from the cupboard. This was a gift from my potter friend Mark Hewitt. It was made by his former apprentice, Lara O'Keefe. I've never met Ms. O'Keefe but it is a fine little cup that I usually have to wrestle from the clutches of one of my girls. It's handle is very different from Linda Christianson's in that it is more round in profile, comfort in a different form. It has a whimsical "bud" pattern done in slip trailed Avery kaolin, would be my guess. Thank you, again, Mark(and Lara).

Move Over Ron Pots

Michael Kline

This morning there may have been a major shift in the cereal bowl department. Ron's bowls have reigned supreme for the past couple of month's. But today the 'peacock' bowl we got from Michael and Naomi may climb to the top of the dish rack. Here is Lillian giving it a test drive. Only time will tell.

Here is a nice dish with beautiful hakame decoration that we acquired this weekend. I think they said they brushed an iron slip over the white hakame slip to create this very striking minimalist pattern. It made a perfect serving dish at last night's dinner with friends, Nancy and Mark and their kids.