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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Callas Holds Court

Michael Kline

It's a big week for a small town.

This Saturday, July 7th, Peter Callas will be doing a presentation at the Historic Bakersville Courthouse and B-ville will hold its annual town wide Yard Sale. With a community of potters like this, there's bound to be great ceramic art at both events!

Peter CallasPeter Callas

But srsly, in association with Crimson Laurel Gallery and its "Serendipity" An International Woodfired Ceramics exhibition, this Belevidere, New Jersey clay and fire artist will hit the stage at 5 pm to talk about his travels and influences, his 40 years of clay, and his twenty-three year collaboration with Peter Voulkos. Peter will also discuss the Serendipity exhibition and participating artists.

From WikiClay:

[Callas] has helped to broaden the understanding of firing an anagama for a longer period of time allowing for a different end product of the work.  Callas played a role in the later stages of Peter Voulkos's life introducing wood firing to him. He would fire Voulkos's work in his kiln in New Jersey.

AOTP potter Chris Campbell
set by Chris Campbell
The current exhibit at CLG was curated by Eric Knoche (including the "Functional Element") opened on July 1 and the exhibition is a fantastic collection of work from around the world.  The fourteen sculptors featured Serendipity are among the best in the world. The eight functional artists are also unsurpassed.

C U. K?

Michael Kline

The reception for our show is tonight!
(as well as the Containment II Show,
and Eric Knoche's "quick look at function")

Come on out! Reception starts at 6 p.m.
Hope to see you at the opening tonight.
Should be a packed house!

I'm winding up my last days of making pots for the upcoming firing. Looks like these will get raw glazed! No time to bisque.

Falling and Painting Walls

Michael Kline

wearing my brand new Ron Philbeck T.

I spent yesterday afternoon painting a couple of the gallery walls at Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville in prep for Stacey and my show that is hopefully all set up as of today. [that's one sentence y'all]

The wall was covered in red dirt clay from my field, but only after I tripped over some short black pedestals just inside the back door entrance to the gallery and spewed my clay ALL over the display along those walls. As I came tumbling down the clay went flying and I ended up with a welt the size of Texas on my shin. Not a good way to start a day. The irony was that as I set to spreading the remaining clay on the wall inside our gallery, David, John, and Deb cleaned the floor, the walls, the ceiling, and all the pots out in the hallway. [You'll be happy to know that no pots were broken during my Chevy Chase moment.]

I'm back at it with the red dirt this morning, making jars and pitchers. Last wet day is Saturday, also the day of the reception at CLG. Hope you can make it and see the completed walls in all of their snake-ified, bird-ified, and moth-ified glory!

(Oh, and the pots and jewelry, too!)


Michael Kline

Had a great visit with Ron today! Ron was bringing new pots to Crimson Laurel Gallery and I brought the first batch of pots for my upcoming show with Stacey, there, opening on the 7th of May. Ron turned me on to Eckardt Tolle and I shared the 5by5 programs. There aren't very many people that I can talk pottery blog to and Ron is my "ichiban" go-to potter blogger, for sure. We talked about the evolution of our blogs and the current state of pottery blogs in general. There are so many more pottery blogs out there than when we began and we both lamented about our inability to keep up with all of them! I guess that's a good thing, (so many out there), but also an unfortunate reality (no time to read them all). Ron's blog began as Potter's Journal. The title bar said that the blog was "A record of what's happening at the Pottery along with thoughts, ideas, rants, ramblings, and other fun stuff". Now is simply called Ron Philbeck Pottery, but remains a quintessential online journal of what's happening down at the center of the pottery universe in Shelby, NC. His, as well as my fellow POTR buddy, Shane Mickey, was the inspiration for me to start blogging in the first place. If I continue to follow Ron's lead, I'll be doing more vlogging (also known as vidding, or vid-blogging) in the future! Here is a vintage vlog from Ron done when he was still too shy to talk!

I'll be heading down to Shelby in a couple of weeks for the visiting Brit-potters to pick up some slipware techniques! ;-) Here's more info on that exciting event! Maybe I'll see you there?

Well, so much for not having enough time for blogging, but seeing as the girls have just now gone to bed and my hands are not covered in clay (yet) I'd thought I'd stick my head into your computers and say hi, before I head up the hill to finish some porcelain platters for the big show next month in Bakersville. I'll have some actual pottery pictures soon, but in the meantime here's one from a few years ago of Ron and Alex and I.

matisse, kline, philbeck, 2009

Kyle Carpenter and Tzadi Turrow@ CLG

Michael Kline

Don't miss the opening tonight of Kyle Carpenter's newest pots at the Crimson Laurel Gallery. John and David of CLG put on a great party and a lot of us locals will be there to celebrate Kyle and Tzadi Turrow who will also have new work. I hope to see you there. If you can't make it to Bakersville, NC tonight, the show will be up through the holidays! You can check out the collection online here!

Crimson Laurel Gallery Nominated

Michael Kline

Bakersville's own, Crimson Laurel Gallery has been nominated to receive a Niche award for top retailer 2010! The editors of NICHE magazine will announce the winners at a breakfast ceremony during the summer Buyers Market of American Craft. This year's Top Retailers will be chosen from a very diverse group of nominees: They include jewelry boutiques, artist-owned galleries and museum stores. They cover the map, from Alaska and Hawaii to the U.S. Virgin Islands, and several cities in Canada. Most importantly, they are dedicated supporters of U.S. and Canadian fine craft artists.

Good Luck David and John!!