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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Back Home II

Michael Kline

Someone else is home too!

We came home to a porch full of big boxes. The show at Kohler is over and they promptly shipped the unsold pots back to me. Thank You! It has been a real pleasure working with Amy Chaloupka at Kohler's ArtSpace Gallery. Way too often I have to wait for pots that linger in some back room, because a gallery is reluctant to take the time to pack and ship unsold work back.

Here is one of the pots that fly back home over the weekend.

I still don't know the best way to see this pot. What do you prefer, B/W or color?

To Have & To Hold

Michael Kline

the exhibition "to have and to hold"
at ArtSpace gallery.
part of the j. michael kohler art center

Here are some pictures of the exhibit "To Have and To Hold" at the J. Michael Kohler ArtSpace Gallery. Thanks to Amy Chaloupka for sending the pictures of the show. It looks fantastic. I wish I could have gone to the opening, but Wisconsin seems so far away! Other exhibitors include my friend from the Asparagus Valley Potters Guild Francine Ozereko, as well as MN potter Jeff Oestreich, fellow blogger Diana Fayt, California research chemist and artist Katherine Dube, and NH potter Megan Bogonovich. Here is the link to the ArtSpace website with info on purchasing work from the show. If you live in the area check out the show for me.

The show will be up until April 5th. Link


Michael Kline

Jar with birds
about 16" h
(in transit to Wisconsin)

detail of
Jar with birds
(in transit to Wisconsin)

I found this letter from a Mr. Tim Z. in this morning's mail box:
I saw on your blog a mention about exhibiting at Kohler. I live in
Wisconsin & I'm trying to figure out exactly what exhibit your work is
going to be in. Or is it for sale in some gallery in Kohler? When I
looked at the likely spots, I couldn't find your name listed. Thanks,
That's right. I'm not listed. Allow me to explain. It's probably because I just joined the show at the eleventh hour. I had thought that I had already agreed to do the show, but in reality, I had not sent in my response. After the holiday gauntlet was thrown down and all of the eggnog lattes had been gulped, I was ready to ship my pottery but didn't have the address. After doing a little search through my g(ee-whiz) mail I found the forlorn and forgotten email invitation.

This explains why I felt out of the loop and wasn't aware that the show actually has a title, "To Have and To Hold: Ceramic Art Vessels"(with a title like that, there better be a preacher!) Since I'm already a married man, you won't find my name on any of the show promo's, but the pots will be there. Now that this is all cleared up, I hope you will accept my apologies for my dubious comments in yesterday's post and get your bus ticket for Sheboygan Wisconsin right away! The show will open January 18 and if you get on board tomorrow you may get there in time for the closing on April 5th. But why wait?

So if you're like Mr. Tim Z. and live in Wisconsin I hope you will go and see all of the wonderful pottery at the Artspace Gallery at the shops in Woodland, Wisconsin before April 5th!