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This weekend!

Michael Kline

As I unbrick the kiln door, a thought popped into my head, "have I made any announcement of the kiln opening on ye olde blogge?" The pace has been so swift that I don't think I have mentioned the sale yet! Maybe too late for those wanting to fly in from Guam, but maybe you are close enough to visit? I hope so.

Come early and get one of these! I have about 50 copies of this commissioned letterpress limited edition print by Ragamuffin Press!

I'll have more on the pots later this evening after I unload and attempt to comprehend!

C U. K?

Michael Kline

The reception for our show is tonight!
(as well as the Containment II Show,
and Eric Knoche's "quick look at function")

Come on out! Reception starts at 6 p.m.
Hope to see you at the opening tonight.
Should be a packed house!

I'm winding up my last days of making pots for the upcoming firing. Looks like these will get raw glazed! No time to bisque.


Michael Kline

I have two good friends named Mark, both whom make enviable pots. One of the Marks has a show at the Ogden Museum that opened last week. And the other Mark is coming to Asheville and Black Mountain soon to open the Karen Karnes show at the Asheville Art Museum.
I had a chuckle when I read the former Mark's statement from the Ogden Museum web site, and I wanted to share it with you. (maybe you'll chuckle, too!)
About his pots, Hewitt says, " they break new ground while tipping their caps to the great jugs and jars from the potent pottery tradition of the South; and, while delightfully big-assed, they are also profoundly big-hearted."


Michael Kline

for the 2011 Akar Yunomi Invitational

The upcoming firing is probably the last wood firing I'll do before the deadline for the spring show in Iowa City, so here are a few hopefuls.

This is from the AKAR web site:
3/25/2011 - 4/4/2011
2011 Yunomi Invitational
~200 potters,
5 Yunomis each

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Arrowmont and Beyond!

Michael Kline

participants in the ACC Convening at Penland last month

I've just spent the morning doing paper work for my workshop at Arrowmont next September! OOO fun, fun! But seriously, it's pretty exciting to plan a workshop! The paperwork is a reality to assure that everything is in place for this one week adventure into wood firing and pottery making!

Just for you I will leak the course description to be published next month in the Arrowmont catalog:

Wood Fired Pots: Expect the Unexpected

The wood kiln is a great vehicle for expressing our best intentions and celebrating the process and the natural effects of fire on clay. We'll experiment with brushes and discuss imagery to create simple or complex patterns in slips and glazes. BYOB (bring your own cone 10 bisque ware) to be fired in the wood kiln. While we wait for the kiln to cool, we'll make pots of all sizes and join in a series of fun exercises that are guaranteed to brush up your decorating & painting skills!

Here is the longer description:

This will be an action packed week that will begin with decorating/glazing your pots to be fired in the manibigama wood kiln. Bring cone ten stoneware pots that have been bisque fired. We will load the kiln and fire the kiln paying close attention to the effects of different kinds of wood and frequency of stoking. We will use our sense of seeing, hearing and smell to understand what’s happening inside the kiln! While the kiln cools, we will make pots and do lots of fun brushwork exercises. I will demonstrate how to make pots of all sizes, especially larger pots. We will explore brushes, pattern making on the pottery surface, slip/glaze strategies, and other decorating techniques including my pigmented wax resist technique. In addition, I will discuss my blog and how it informs my studio practice. We will discuss various approaches to this online media and how it is shaping our pottery field. At the end of the week, we will unload the wood kiln and assess the results and have an informal critiques of the pots.

As I read these I am reminded of the tone of voice pro athletes fall into when being interviewed, or the tone that a museum docent falls into when giving a tour of a exhibition. You know that tone?

Anyway, I also wrote a brief statement for the American Craft Council's for the symposium, "Convenings", I attended at Penland a few weeks ago. Yea, I was supposed to submit this before the symposium, but just managed to get it together this morning. It's pretty brief because I had to send it in "Now", as the email I received stated! Well, the question was, after all, Why craft NOW?
Why craft now?

As a maker my question is usually why craft then? As a potter I tend to look at the history of my craft as a well to dip my hands into and a fire to keep stoking.
In typical Kline fashion I avoid actually answering the question by restating the question and then giving a rather mysterious and vague poetic kind of answer. Hmmm. Suspicious art speak?

I'd better get back to work. Please take aim at these words. Maybe it's not too late to edit for future consumption.

Oh, and don't be like me and procrastinate! Sign up for the Arrowmont workshop ASAP! The catalog comes out next month but you can preview the 2011 Workshop listing and reserve your spot by calling 865-436-5860!!!


Michael Kline

wall of plates

Today, John and I continued to pack pots that I selected from the showroom and from the last couple of firings. The pots we packed are heading to Greenwich House Pottery for the December show, Form Follows Food! On Monday I shipped pots to the Lux Center for the Arts in Lincoln Nebraska, for their Gifts From The Heart show.

We had fun measuring the capacities of the pitchers I sent to the Main St. Art Gallery in Edwardsville, IL. The show's title is "Liquid Measure" and I sent a "quart" pitcher, a "pint and two gills" pitcher, and another teeny tiny pitcher. On the hang tag's I wrote the price per ounce instead of the dollar value, thinking that it would give the viewer a pause to think what the price is in $$$. I know what your saying...what a wise ass! Well it is a show in an Art gallery!

The showroom is pretty well stocked for a change, so I decided to take a few shots of the display to be used for promotion etc. I'm still mulling over a blog about "why craft now" and some opinions of last week's "think tank" at Penland. Meanwhile, pots have to be made. Firing the CMP kiln in a few weeks!


Best Foot Forward Auction

Michael Kline

Here is the piece I donated to the Benefit Auction for Drew Johnson.

The auction includes an amazing collection of work by an impressive group of generous artists,

Heather Alexander, Dan Anderson, Linda Arbuckle, Posey Bacopoulos, Tiffany Bailey, Marian Baker, John Balistreri, Tom Bartel, Deborah Bedwell, Curt Benzle, Sandy Blain, Catherine Boswell, Joe Bova, George Bowes, Bob Brady, Lucy Breslin, John Britt, Sally Brogden, Bill Buckner, Richard Burkett, Jon Burns, Larry Bush, Doug Casebeer, Donna Causland, Ceramics Monthly, Eva Champagne, Andrew Cho, Linda Christianson, Autumn Cipala, Naomi Cleary, Meridith Coen, Nan Coffin, Elaine Coleman, Tom Coleman, Jim Connell, Pat Coughlin, Charlie Cummings, Malcolm Davis, Chandra DeBuse, Josh DeWeese, Eddie Dominguez, Lynn Duryea, Thaddeus Erdahl, Mark Errol, Jana Evans, Lauren Faust, Kathryn Finnerty, Yoshi Fuji, Erin Furimsky, John Glick, Raymond Gonzalez, Heidi Grew, Chris Gustin, Holly Hanessian, Molly Hatch, James Herring, Pam Herring, Jennifer Hill, Anna Calluori Holcombe, Niel Hora, Ayumi Horie, Steve Howell, Matt Hyleck, Sarah Jaeger, Jeremy Jernigan, Drew Johnson, Mark Johnson, Garth Johnson, Brian Jones, Kristen Kieffer, yours truly, Phyllis Kloda, Alix Knipe, Lebeth Lammers, Sandy Lance, Martina Lantin, Fritz Lauenstein & June Raymond, Mary Law, Jim Lawton, Simon Levin, Jenny Lind, Suze Lindsay, Matt Long, Jiri Lonsky, Tyler Lotz, Scott Lykens, Andrew Martin, Missy McCormick, Nancy McCroskey, Kent McLaughlin, Joe Molinaro, Mudtools, Kate Murray, Richard Nickel, Kevin Nierman, Richard Notkin, Kelly O'Briant, Mary Obodzinski, Dandee Pattee, Anne Perrigo, Chris Pickett, Don Pilcher, Elise Pincu, Pete Pinnell, Pottery Making Illustrated, Rainbow Gate Pottery, Jeremy Randall, Beau Raymond, Scott Rench, Lee Rexrode, Lindsay Rogers, Chloe Rothwell, Nigel Rudolph, Cheyenne Chapman Rudolph , Cassie Ryalls, Shoji Satake, Kristin Schimik, Mike Schmidt, JoAnn Schnabel, Bonnie Seeman, Nancy Selvin, Leland Shaw, Jane Shellenbarger, Marge Shore, Sandy Simon, Gay Smith, Nan Smith, Collette Smith, Keith Smith, Kevin Snipes, Jane Spangler, Chris Staley, Studio Potter, Stephanie Stuefer, Sarah Tancred, Shoko Teruyama, Julie Tesser, Diana Thomas, John Tilton, Sara Truman & Naomi Mostkoff, Tom Turner, Rimas Visgirda, Mikey Walsh, Wynne Wilbur, Lana Wilson, Varian Wolf, Stephen Wolochowicz, Jenchi Wu, Rosie Wynkoop, Gwendolyn Yoppolo

I know from my own experience a few years ago, how important an event like this auction can help in so many ways to cover the numerous bills to be paid after an accident. We all benefit to be part of a community of brilliant and talented ceramic artists that are so generous with their gift.

A big shout out to Linda Arbuckle and Charlie Cummings for putting this all together.

Bid high and bid often !


Michael Kline

new work
by Liz Zlot Summerfield
at Crimson Laurel Gallery
in Bakersville, NC

A few reasons to run for the hills this weekend. Western North Carolina Hills, that is, mountain streams, potter's studios!
  1. pick up pots that you buy from me online on this Friday and get your shipping/handling refunded! ;-)
  2. Soda Chicks Annual Sale!
  3. See an exhibit at the Crimson Laurel Gallery of brand new work by fellow Bakersville potter Liz Zlot Summerfield. The opening reception for Liz is this Saturday night. The work is completely new and is the first that Liz has done since her recent illness. Bravo Liz!!
Come see us.

Labor Day-End-of-Summer- Pottery-Blowout

Michael Kline

Announcing the End-of-the-Summer Online Pottery Blowout SALE at the Kline Pottery Etsy Store this Friday morning at 10:30 a.m. EST! Kick off the Labor Day weekend by clearing the shelves here at the pottery! Great end of the summer prices and sweet pots for your home! Here is a sneak peek at some of the pots that will be in that sale.

Bookmark my Etsy storefront page. Sales of the pots happen very quickly and I wouldn't want you to miss out.


Michael Kline

basketball activated glaze fountain!

Well, not much of a contest. No prize. If you had looked at the pictures on Tom's page you would have probably seen the picture above. I'm feeling rather dull these from these rainy mountain days, I guess. Also after looking at all of the pics I have taken for the upcoming Etsy sale!

here's a sneak peek pic

Check back to find out when it's happening. Hint: it's going to be very soon.

I'm Packing Pots

Michael Kline

Well, of course as I write this I'm not packing pots, but as soon as I finish this post, I will get back to work sending the pots that have already sold online at the "Kiln Opening". It went live at 10 am this morning.

If you haven't seen the show I hope you will visit at some point today!

Thanks to Courtney and John who are letting me use their wifi so I could make sure there weren't any problems as I "cut the ribbon".

ETSY Online Kiln Opening Today

Michael Kline

At 10 a.m. EST I'll cut the virtual ribbon and let everyone in to the online kiln opening! My first ever. I've chosen forty of the best pots from the firing and you can only get them at my Etsy store. There will be a whole range of shapes, colors, and prices.

I hope you will bring a friend (or at least tell them about it) and I hope to see you there!

Archie Bray Online Auction!

Michael Kline

There is still time to get your online bid or bids in before the auction closes at 11:30 MST. There are some great deals still to be had. The auction is a benefit for the Archie Bray Foundation. If you're not familiar with the Bray, here is a short description of the Ceramics Center in Montana,
The Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts is a public, nonprofit, educational institution founded in 1951 by brickmaker Archie Bray, who intended it to be "a place to make available for all who are seriously and sincerely interested in any of the branches of the ceramic arts, a fine place to work." Its primary mission is to provide an environment that stimulates creative work in ceramics.
By coincidence I was reading a 1990 Ceramics Monthly article, Living for Pottery, written by the late and great David Shaner. In the autobiographical article he writes,
In 1962, I spent the summer working at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana. The vastness of the landscape, the feeling of space, light, and color, but most of all the people attracted us to the West. Ken Ferguson was the director and resident potter at the Bray. I was in awe of Ken's production, enthusiasm, and ambition. I wondered why any person would choose to labor so strenuously with so much dedication for so little monetary reward. Little did I realize that one year later I would resign my university teaching position, and move my family to Montana in order to pursue the same goals. To me this was an opportunity creative growth.
The Bray is a unique institution. There is no other place quite like it. The challenge seems to breed good potters. While working in relative isolation, you learn to become your own teacher.
It was my good fortune to have had the opportunity to guide the Bray during seven critical years. In retrospect, few potters would accept the risk, responsibility, and hard work necessary to keep it alive. But our family of potters pulled together to meet the challenge.
I hope you will join the Archie Bray Foundation and all of the potters who donated their fine work to meet our current challenge by bidding in this online benefit auction. Your support will help potters continue the legacy of Archie Bray as well as folks like Ken Ferguson and David Shaner, who accepted "the risk, responsibility, and hard work, necessary to keep it alive."

here is the piece I donated

Click here to go to the auction!