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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Closed/Open Loop: Teacher<>Student

Michael Kline


Working with an apprentice has been very satisfying AND very challenging. I knew that working with someone in my studio would challenge me because, ever since I was in art school, I was most creative in solitude.  What I didn’t expect was that with the right person, I actually look forward to and enjoy working alongside someone. I didn’t expect the enrichment of experience I am having as I work together with an apprentice. In an ironic twist, maybe,  I’m learning so much! But maybe teachers all over harbor this concept as to not distract from the learning that happens in front of them. Teaching and sharing ARE learning! It’s a kind of closed loop. Maybe this sounds paradoxical, but if you’ve ever taught someone or shared something that you love with someone, you have felt the satisfaction of knowing that we are just agents that pass on  knowledge/truth and are “just” a kind of custodian while we carry it and pass it on. Questioning, seeking, and hopefully answering. 

Unfortunately, Joel will be moving on to seek out his pottery fortune this September and it’s time for me to seek someone to take his place. In the coming week I will be officially opening his position up for application and will post the position and its requirements. If you are someone looking, or know of someone that is looking for a apprenticeship, stay tuned. I’m very much interested in continuing MY education as well. 😉

Link to apprentice page!