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Workshop Notes

New Kiln Recipes

Michael Kline

Here are current recipes that I am using in the new soda kiln.

Recipes for the New Kiln

from Randy Johnston
This is a bisque slip. It’s mixed fairly thin, like skim milk. Usually I dip pots, but pour over large pieces. But it can also be used on leather-hard and bone-dry.

EPK 48
Custer 26
Silica 26

Linda Christianson variation
for leather-hard application only
64    Tile 6 kaolin
14    Grolleg kaolin
7        Silica
14    Nepheline Syenite
2        Bentonite

Black underglaze Slip
    i use this black slip for my floral patterns painted thinly on bisque
25   Silica
25   F4 feldspar
25   Ball clay
25   EPK
15   Cobalt free stain (mason stain #6666)

Black Wax Paste
this is the oxide mix that I add to my Mobilicer wax resist
9 parts Red Iron oxide
1 part Manganese dioxide
1 part frit 3134

Fish Sauce Slip
from NC Clay Club Blog
i just started using this slip for my  inlay white slip
Can also be used on bisque.
43.8%    Grolleg
15.6    Silica
23.5    F-4 feldspar
7.8        Pyrotrol (or u can use Pyrax)
9.4        Bentonite

Willie Hillux
11%   EPK
30    Silica
19    Whiting
40    Nepheline Syenite
1.2    Copper Carbonate
5        Copper Oxide
2        Bentonite

Amber (for liner)
30 %    Custer
25     Whiting
25    Silica
10    Ball Clay (OM4)
3        Gerstley Borate
7        Yellow Ochre
2        Bentonite

used very very thin on bisque for amber on outsides of pots. Without soda (re:on inside of pots)  the glaze is black to brown
8 %       EPK
27    Silica
15    Whiting
50    Custer
3        Barium Carbonite
10    Red Iron oxide
3        Zinc oxide
4        Bentonite

Alkaline Ash Glaze, aka. Alka-Kline
for bisqueware  or bone-dry clay application. Stir often.

46    Washed Hardwood Ash
26    Custer
14    Silica
14    Redart
2        Bentonite

from Kyle Carpenter

XX Sagger..........50
Helmer Kaolin....50
Leather hard application, good orange peel texture 

Shino Liner:
Nephsy 270...........70
Soda Ash.................3

For bisque application. Bright (clear) in oxidation, brownish in reduction. Very reliable.