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Workshop Notes

Social Media For Creatives

Michael Kline

This class/workshop was held June 17 at the Toe River Arts Council 

Social media can be a very effective way to build an audience, but like most things there is a cost. For creatives, the cost is time, our most precious commodity. Sharing what we do sparks curiosity into our process and our product. But interruptions for "social media moments" can slow flow in the studio and hurt artistic growth. Be protective of that place yet be willing to share. Focus on the people who are seriously interested in what you do and what you make. Craft your message for them, and avoid speaking in trade jargon and insider code. 

There are MANY networks to join and tell your story. Start slow, but just start. Stick to the message and keep it simple. Social media is and isn't software. It's much more than using a computer. Social media parallels our relationships IRL and social graces are very important when communicating on the internet.

What the heck is twitter???

Class photo! @maylandcc & TRAC social media class. Social media maven and teacher @Klineola 4th from left.

— Toe River Arts (@toeriverarts) June 19, 2014

Check out this previous post about my Haywood CC workshop. Scroll down for web site reccomendations. 

Here are some links to online learning:

Skillshare I havent used this service but I have heard from a very good friend that its awesome AND affordable.

  • Unlimited access to hundreds of online classes
  • New classes added weekly
  • $9.95 a month, cancel anytime Learn in depth from experts. Monthly subscription to ALL of their content! Starting at $25/mo

Adobe Creative Learn Adobe Suite products. Learn to use the Adobe Suite of Photo and Video software. Student rate starting at $9.99/m

Automate your social:  Hootsuite is what I use if I want to cross post my content. Although I try to create content specific to the network. 

Management vs Making An interesting article about the creative process versus the mangement process. Told through the perspective of a computer developer but so true for creatives as well.

"let me google that for you"