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The central information hub for Michael Kline Pottery, a small one man shop of pottery making in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Workshop Notes

Penland School April 23, 2013

Michael Kline

Penland 4/23/13

Here are some notes, links etc. that hopefully will be helpful in understanding some of the things I talked about during my demo.

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And while you're away from your wheel, stay keen with the "Let's Make Pottery" app.


  • Check out this Sponge Bob episode: Bubble Stand (S1E4). Warning! This video is sped up to 1.5!

  • English potter Issac Button look for "poultry fountains" at 2:02-2:16.

  • Bruce Lee using extreme nun chuck technique playing table tennis

  • Here I am painting a jar with wax resisit.

recipes download

The Home Clay aka, Kline Pottery local clay recipe

40% local red dirt

15% G200 feldspar

35% Fireclay

10% OM4 ball clay

black wax paste

9 pts RIO

1 pt manganese dioxide

1 pt frit 3134

underglaze black slip

25%   Silica

25%   F4 feldspar

25%   Ball clay

25%   EPK

15%   Cobalt free stain (mason stain #6666)

this slip can be brushed thinly on bisque

rjb slip

26% Silica

26% custer feldspar

48% EPK 

This is a bisque slip. It’s mixed fairly thin, like skim milk. Usually I dip pots, but pour over large pieces.


Here is a blog post showing some of the brushes I use.


  • Two Centuries of Potters; A Catawba Valley Tradition. Lincoln County Historical Association, Exhibition Catalog, 1999 Beam, Harpe, Smith, & Springs (editors). OUT OF PRINT but you might find copies here Also, I mentioned Jason’s great grandfather Poley Carp Hartsoe (1876-1960) purely a coinsidence, but a good one!